Trump To Deduce Chinese Treatment


David Mudd

US To Bar Some Chinese Students, Strip Hong Kong Special Treatment: Trump

The Situation

On Friday, President Donald Trump said that he would strip a few of Hong Kong’s special privileges with the US.

He also added that he would bar a few Chinese students from the US Universities because of Beijing’s bid to exert control in the financial hub.

In a subtle White House appearance, the president vehemently attacked China over its utter treatment of the former British colony.

He said it was diminishing the city’s longstanding and proud status.


President Trump went on to say that this was a perpetual tragedy for the people of Hong Kong, China and the entire world.

He added that he was also planning to end the US relationship with the WHO, and accused it of pro-China partiality in its handling of the pandemic.

Nonetheless, he avoided personal criticism of President Xi Jinping, with whom he was proud of having a friendship.

He added that he is directing his whole administration to start the process of terminating every policy that gives Hong Kong a special treatment.

Mike Pompeo informed the Congress that the entire Trump administration wouldn’t any longer consider Hong Kong to be separate under the US law.


Nevertheless, it was up to Donald Trump to spell out the consequences, whatsoever it was.

What Lies Ahead

This week itself, China passed a law that would eventually ban subversion against its total rule in Hong Kong.

To this, Trump now has issued an order to ban graduate students who connected to China’s military.

His statement was that for a long time, the government of China has conducted elicit espionage to steal America’s secrets.

Republicans now have been going into a frenzy to kick out every Chinese student enrolled in sensitive fields.

The FBI in February said it was investigating 1,000 cases of Chinese economic espionage.