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Trump To Ban Chinese Travellers To America


David Mudd

President Donald Trump to Ban Chinese Passenger Flights to America Starting June 16

The Situation

President Trump administration has pretty much, made plans to eliminate Chinese passenger carriers.

The elimination is on flying the Chinese planes to the United States.

The order will take effect starting from the 16th of June.

This, entirely pressurized Beijing to allow the U.S. air carriers to resume flights.

Source- US CHINA Focus

This very plan which is yet to be announce today unquestionably penalizes China.

‘Why’, you ask? Well, Beijing had technically failed to conform with an existing agreement.

An agreement which talked about the inflow of flights between China and America, the world’s leading economies.

Needless to point out, the relations between these two major countries are at stake after the entire pandemic broke down.

The US has time and again blame China for purposely hiding this entire news and allowing the virus to spread through.

These restrictions and eliminations are suppose to come into effect on the 16th of June.

However, the date could be shift back and forth.

Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have asked to resume flights to China this month, even as Chinese carriers have continued U.S. flights during the pandemic.


This apparent order specifically applies to Air China, China Eastern Airlines Corp, China Southern Airlines Co and Hainan Airlines Holding Co.

The White House has absolutely shrugged off any question regarding this.

The Chinese embassy in Washington did not immediately respond when asked for a comment, either.

This takes us back to Trump’s team condemning the Chinese Government for making it thoroughly tough for the US airlines to resume service to China.

End Result

And if you thought, this was just about it, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Trump administration has also cut down on Chinese passenger airline charter flights.

On the 31st of January, the US government stopped the entry of most of the non-US citizens.

Not just any, only those who had been in China within the last 14 days. This was done to get rid of any virus whatsoever.