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Trump Praises The US For Having The Greatest Comeback


David Mudd

‘Greatest comeback in American history,’ says Trump while praising US job data

The Situation

President Trump had effectively claimed victory over the economic crisis and Coronavirus on Friday.

And not just this, he even patted his countrymen’s back for major progress against racial inequality.

He, very warm hearreptedly welcomed a report of seeing a rise in number of jobs.

All of this in sheer hopes of convincing a now-fragmented nation that he undeniably deserves another four years in office.

Amidst the corona wreck and an economy that is not even close to being alright, Trump describe every move of his to being that of success.


Claiming utter improvement in every field, Trump said that hopefully George Floyd is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that’s happening for our country. This is a great, great day in terms of equality.”

Trump of course criticized the entire social and racial unrest that had happened in the country.

Nonetheless, he was quick to address that no other president has ever done so much for black Americans as himself.

Very glaringly, he declared that an economic rebound was the greatest thing that can happen for race relations.

US Elections
(AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)

Trump’s putting of words in the dead man’s(George Floyd) mouth drew quick criticism.

This includ Trump’s opposition Presidential cincluding from likely presidential foe Joe candidate Joe Biden, who said it was “despicable.”


It’s needless to say that a few things matter more to Trump’s future than the state of the US economy.

An economy that was shut down by state governments this spring to prevent greater spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Forbidding to listen to any health worker whatsoever, Trump has practically ordered the states to re-open and threatened State leaders who resist.

Trump is technically patting himself on the back as America faces some of its sternest challenges ever.

“It’s time for him to step out of his own bunker, take a look around at the consequences,” Joe Biden said.