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Trump- Pathological Liar In Chief?


David Mudd

The Pretext

The lies and remarks-all wrong pile up every other day.

It starts out from the epic Lafayette Park event.

No, of course, it wasn’t tear gas used to clear Lafayette Park for President Trump Bible-waving photo-op last Monday night.

Attorney General William Barr apparently said this on CBS’s “Face the Nation” 2 days ago.

Rather it was “pepper balls,” he said.

He went on, “Pepper spray is not a chemical irritant. It’s not chemical.”

Utterly incorrect! Pepper balls are very much a chemical irritant.

The paper awarded the nation’s top law enforcement officer four Pinocchios for his claim.

The Situation

Trump himself keeps at it, too. On the morning of June 4, he tweeted something very bizarre.

“Robert Mueller should have never been appointed, although he did prove that I must be the most honest man in America!”, he said. *shrugs*

Remember the time he blamed the Obama administration?

“The Obama administration made a decision on testing that turned out to be very detrimental to what we’re doing,” Trump remarked.Truth be told, The Obama administration although drafted, never actually implemented changes to rules that regulate laboratory tests run by states.

Trump’s policy change relaxed an FDA requirement that would have forced private labs to wait for FDA authorization to conduct their own unauthorised tests.


Then again, Trump blamed the Obama administration for their reponse to the H1N1 pandemic.

He called it “a full-scale disaster, with thousands dying, and nothing meaningful done to fix the testing problem, until now.”

Even here, truth be told Barack Obama declared a public health emergency two weeks after the first U.S. cases of H1N1 were reported, in California.


Whereas, if we are comparing, Trump declared a national emergency more than seven weeks after the first domestic COVID-19 case was reported, in Washington.

While testing is a problem now, it wasn’t back in 2009. The challenge then was vaccine development.

Production was delayed and the vaccine wasn’t distributed until the outbreak started waning.

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