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Trump Lags Behind Biden


David Mudd


The Pretext

Donald Trump is sadly still not as popular as he thinks he is.

There are less than 5 months left for the elections and the results look pretty vivid.

Sadly enough, the US president is confronting an entirely different political reality than he once envisioned.

If the election were held today, Trump would likely lose. I’m more than sure.

The US deals with tremendous unrest over the death of George Floyd and the coronavirus pandemic.

Now a flood of new polls spell trouble for President Trump.

It shows former vice-president Joe Biden well on course to occupy the Oval Office.

The Situation

On Wednesday, the pollster Gallup showed Trump sliding to 39 per cent in a poll taken between 28 May and 4 June.

For the first time is this man lagging below 40.

What a recession, from an all-time high of 49 per cent the previous months.

As per the pollster, Trump’s job approval rating has fallen significantly among all groups.

A seven-point drop among Republicans and Independents and a nine-point fall among Democrats.

Despite Trump’s boasts about being the most popular president among Republicans in history, he had gotten the least rating since September 2018.

A CNN poll shows Trump’s approval rating slipping seven points in the past month.

Only 38 per cent approve of the way Trump is handling the presidency and 57 per cent disapprove.


This polling came just days after former defence secretary James Mattis condemned Trump as a “threat to the US Constitution”.

This was after peaceful protesters outside the White House were gassed just so the president could engage in a photo-op.

Impeachment Inquiry Against Donald Trump

A new NBC poll shows that that eight out of 10 voters worried about the economy and the coronavirus.

Also, of course, about Trump’s seeming inability to repair tensions amid the Floyd protests.

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