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Trump Is Nothing In front Of This Gruesome President


David Mudd

Think Trump is bad? President Tom Cotton would be even more terrifying

The Pretext

This is the pretext of an excruciatingly bigoted southern Republican senator who’s utterly eager to turn the US into a military dictatorship.

The only subtle thing about him is his god darn name, I tell you.

But this is real life, not a zombie apocalypse – and real-life in 2020 does not seem interested in subtlety.

Oh, don’t you worry. Neither does Tom Cotton.

The Arkansas senator attracted ire last week for an amusing column he wrote in the New York Times.

He urged that the military be brought in to deal with protests against police brutality.

“Send in the troops, The nation must restore order,” he said.

His addition of the line “land of the free” is shameful for it indicates turning your troops on your own people.


Cotton wanted a coup and he got one.

Immense condemnation of his violating article followed suit, which included endangering the safety of black employees.

The paper later issued an apology; James Bennet, its editorial page editor, who had originally defended the decision to publish, resigned soon after.


Cotton may look like an American messiah who has anything but wrong intentions whatsoever.
However, this statement itself is not but a huge farce.
He is undeniably a dangerous man with deathly ambitions.
And I’m not the only one who thinks that way.
An increasing number of experts believe he is angling to be the heir of Trump.
His popularity among conservative activists seems to have been boosted by the Times controversy.
Now it looks increasingly likely he will be a Republican presidential candidate in 2024. Who knows?