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Trump Is Apathetic, America Suffers


David Mudd

World looks on in horror as Trump flails over pandemic despite claims US leads way

Trump’s Statement

It baffles me how Trump has been able to maintain a proud face in disdain and claim to have been leading the world in terms of the entire Coronavirus scene.

He has time and again repeated the same phrase with an utmost snob when the actual statistic shows how unruly and problematic the situation is.

Remember his claim about the usage of injecting a disinfectant inside your body which could magically cure the virus?

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It’s Effect

Jesus Christ, that had reached across Europe, Latin America and Asia and people were puzzled at his bizarreness!

It pains me to say how overly empathetic I am with the whole of the US over President Trump.

America has always only made other continents envious or fearful, but to instil pity because of the helpless state they are is perplexing.

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Can It Get Worse?

The US, as you all know, is the hotspot of Coronavirus, with New York having had the worst time in its entire history of existence.

He even went so far as to say how world leaders have all called him in order to let him know how incredibly the US is paving the way for them.

Not even a single world leader, has yet confirmed this piece of news. Neither have they denied it. So that’s that.

But we all know fo President Trump’s two-faced businesses and diplomacies. Wonder what’s he going to do next!

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