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Trump Is A Storehouse Of Lies


David Mudd

The myth Trump is modeling

The Pretext

George Floyd died on Memorial Day, his neck under the knee of a police officer.
The situation and the reason behind it was as trivially brutal as you could think of.
In the three weeks post the incident, protests against police abuses have sparked a surreal talk about racism.

The Situation

Cities and states have moved to create new safeguards against police misconduct.
Companies all large and small have committed to changes in the way they work, and some have even replaced executives.
Military leaders have spoken out against racism and shows of force against peaceful protesters.
Networks cancelled shows built around police as heroes.
A Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia, was toppled. And NASCAR banned the Confederate flag.
If this ain’t ridiculously mind-boggling, I don’t know what is.


“Dare we believe,” asked Marcus Mabry, that this is the moment when America finally changes?
I mean, after all, the trauma of 400 years of soul-destroying racism is not easily forgotten.
Some researchers even believe it is imprinted in their very DNA.
And they’re all too thorough with the dashed promises of the past.
Right from liberation to Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement. But change does come. History teaches us that. It came to South Africa. It came to the American South.
So, the question is, is this the moment?
donald trump
This sudden, mass realization and the multi-racial demonstrations that give it weight, life and substance, feels like a miracle.
Black people have spent their entire lives trying to convince relatively small numbers of white people to take racial injustice seriously.
I have usually failed.


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