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Trump Glorification Tweet Of Violence Got Hide By Twitter


David Mudd

The controversy between Trump and Twitter still on full swing. Now above all the new reports pointing out to a direction where the problem may get more complicated. After all, Trump has already blamed for his tweets and press meet speeches. Above all, here is another one that happened yesterday. Trump shared a tweet that violates the Twitter rules and regulations. And in no time it got hidden from the public by Twitter.

Trump said that he would send US National Guard against the protesters over the death of George Floyd. The last minutes of George Floyd under a policeman’s knee already conquered all the social media platforms. After all, it got the people mad at the police department and government because of their not caring attitude towards the case.

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More Details On The Hidden Tweet

Trump added “when looting starts, the shooting starts.” at the end of the tweet. The tweet is hidden by a label by Twitter. although, the tweet is accessible by touching the “view” button. Besides, the interactions for the tweet are also limited by Twitter itself. That means that the people cannot like, retweet, or reply to the tweet. Instead, they can retweet the tweet with a comment.

This is the second time in one week that Twitter acts against Trump. Trump was already disappointed and signed an executive order yesterday. The order is for limiting the legal protections for social media sites.

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