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Trump Forces CNN To Apologize


David Mudd

READ: CNN’s response to Trump campaign’s demand for an apology over poll that shows Biden leading

The Pretext

President Donald Trump re-election campaign sent an elusive letter to CNN demanding an apology.

‘Why’, you ask?

Well, an apology for a recent poll that showed him behind the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The demand contained plenty of incorrect and misleading claims and was immediately rejected by the network.
To this, David Vigilante, CNN’s executive vice president, wrote in a letter to the Trump campaign.


He said, that to his knowledge, this is the first time in its 40-year history that CNN had been threatened with legal action because an American politician or campaign did not like CNN’s polling results.
He went on to say that this has exceeded so much that the company has started getting legal threats too.
From countries like Venezuela where there is no respect whatsoever for free and independent media.
The letter went on to say that the company, CNN knows very well about the reputation of McLaughlin & Associates.
In 2014, his firm has infmaously reported that Eric Cantor was leading his primary challenger Dave Brat by 34 points.
However, they lost with 11 meagre points- a 45 point swing.
He finished his letter, saying, Trump’s letter was factually baseless.
Trump’s Duality
And that, it is yet another bad faith attempt by the campaign to threaten litigation to muzzle speech it doesn’t want voters to see.

The End

His last line was that Trump’s allegations and remarks are rejected in their entirety.
This does make me wonder what the truth of the situation is.
I mean, if you’re smart enough, you’ll figure it out on your own.
And I’m sure, by now, you know whom to vote. Or do you?