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Trump Fires At Critic Who Condemns His Walk


David Mudd

Trump lashes out after critics highlight unsteady walk down West Point ramp

The Pretext

Donald Trump has, being his usual self, hit out at people who claimed he was struggling to walk down a ramp during a public appearance over the weekend.

The president looked like he was having a tough time descending from the podium after giving a speech at the West Point Military academy.

This happened in New York state on Saturday.

Broadcasts of the speech showed him taking the steps very prim and properly.

But Trump, 74, claimed a fault with the stage’s design had caused the problem rather than any issues with his own self.

The Situation

So basically, what he did, was that he tweeted an explanation.

He said that the ramp he descended after his West Point commencement speech was very long and steep.

And apparently it had no handrail and was very slippery, too.

He went on to say that the last thing he was going to do is ‘fall’ for the Fake News to have fun with.

Social media users also noticed during the speech that Trump appeared to struggle to lift a water glass to his face.


donald trump

In addition, Trump wrote that he “ran down” the final stretch of the ramp.

Video footage of the episode shows the president picking up his pace slowly and steadily for the final two steps.

Nonetheless, that would hardly be considered a run or a jog by any standard definition.

Another such video was quick to gain critical apprehension.

It was when he briefly took a sip of water while standing behind the presidential lectern.

As Trump raised a small glass of water toward his mouth with his right hand, he used his left hand to steady the bottom of the glass so he could take a sip.

That did seem like he was having difficulty with his grip or his entire system of plain holding a glass. Ouch?

Although it might be something pretty understandable at the age of 74, it’s nothing new that he presents to the public as someone overly strong and vigorous.

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