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Trump Ends Relationship With WHO

Donald Trump says US terminating relationship with WHO; takes steps against China

Trump’s Remarks

On Friday, US President Donald Trump said that America is ending its relationship with WHO for good.

He blamed the World Health Organization and China for immense number of deaths and widespread wreck caused by COVID-19.

He stated that the funding of the WHO would now be given to different global public health organizations.

President Trump announced a few decisions he’d take against China. One of them would be issuing a proclamation to which will utterly not give entry to Chinese nationals.

He also announced that the US will end all special treatment it used to give to Hong Kong.

This was in response to China’s imposition of new controls over the city of Hong Kong.


Trump, in his pretty upfront speech, said that the world needs answers from China.

He didn’t however take any questions from any reporter whatsoever. He said this entire situation has ripped off the US like never before.

Trump added that China has stolen intellectual property and taken away billions of dollars from the US.


It has also violated its apparent commitment under the WHO, he added.

He went on to say that China has unlawfully claimed territories in the Indo-Pacific ocean.

This, if anything, has threatened the freedom of navigation and international trade.

What Next

Trump said that the US wants an absolutely open and constructive relationship with China.

But achieving this would require everyone to defend their national interest. Its the need of the hour.

He blamed the Chinese government for having continually violated its promises to the US and many other nations.

These facts can of course not be overlooked or swept aside just like that.

He added that the entire wreck that China has created will make people everywhere suffer for a long time now.

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