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Trump Conspiracy Regarding Scarborough and Klausutis’ Death

Donald Trump ‘had Jared Kushner pressure the National Enquirer to publish sick Joe Scarborough murder conspiracy theory in 2017

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It was recently reported that Donald Trump, through Jared Kushner, was practically begging David Pecker.

For what? Well, to do something about Joe Scarborough and Klausutis’s death.

One White House source, nonetheless, called these claims to be utterly fake.

Joe Scarborough responded to these claims last week.

He described how these claims had hurt the sentiments of his family members as well as Lori Klausutis’ widower.


Jared Kushner is said to have acted as the channel between Donald Trump and David Pecker.

He is aa long-time confidant of the president and his very compliance has aided Trump in making a massive $150,000 payment to an alleged Trump mistress post-2016 election.

Many sources have reportedly claimed that in the spring of 2017, many a staff were given the task of pursuing the Joe Scarborough stain.

The story, however, never led to any fruitful place. For if there was something, the reporters would have stayed with it.

Officials soon found that Lori Klausutis had an undiagnosed heart problem.

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This had caused her to collapse and hit her head off her desk. She was found dead in the office in July 2001.

Joe Scarborough and his wife Mika Brzezinski had been friends with Trump, but are now his critics. And that, my friends, is the real deal.

Scarborough responded to these accusations a week ago by dedicating time during his show to pay tribute to Lori Klausutis.


Only last Wednesday, Joe Scarborough dedicated time off his show, calling the president’s actions and claims ‘heartbreaking.’

He went on to say that the cruelty is unspeakable because Trump continued to push the stain that Lori Klausutis was murdered.

‘I think Americans should know about all of this,’ Scarborough said on ‘Morning Joe’ last Wednesday.