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Trump Confrontation With Republicans

Donald Trump clashes with Republicans over protests

The Situation

Donald Trump has now vowed to defeat a Republican senator who endorsed a rebuke of his response to the death of George Floyd.

The president has come under tremendous pressure now more than ever, from some in his party and former military officials.

Trump took a shot at the Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski after she described an attack on the president.

The verbal attack was done by former defence secretary Jim Mattis and was said to be “true and honest, and necessary and overdue”.

His exact words were that only a few people know where they’ll be in two years from now.

“But I do, in the great state of Alaska, campaigning against Senator Lisa Murkowski.”, he added.


In a proper enthusiastic bid to encourage other Republicans to run against her in the GOP primary in 2020, Trump had something worthy to share.

He asked them to get any candidate ready, good or bad, he doesn't care for he is endorsing.

“If you have a pulse, I with you!”, he added.

Mr Trump has faced immense public criticism from his party itself since taking office.

However, Ms Murkowski’s comments were the strongest public expression of grave concern.

Source- ABC News

On Wednesday, Mattis had something substantial to write in The Atlantic magazine.

He said that Mr Trump was an immature leader who was making “a mockery” of the constitution.

He added how Trump was purposely trying to divide the American people for political gain.


The former defence secretary condemned Trump of being the first president in his life who does not try to unite the American people.

He bashed the president’s response to the protests over George Floyd' killing.

He raised scathing scorn and defied the President.

He asked “Should you use tear gas to clear a path so the president can go have a photo-op? The answer is no,”

In Minneapolis, mourners held a memorial service for the 46-year-old African-American father of two.

He suffered cardiac arrest after a white policeman knelt down on his neck for 8 minutes straight.

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