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Trump Condemns Defacing Gandhi’s Statue


David Mudd

Defacement of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue was a ‘disgrace’: Donald Trump

The Situation

Top US lawmakers said that the vandalizing of Gandhiji’s statue is disrespectful and such incidents do not bring people together.

The statue, which is across the road from the Indian Embassy, was vandalised with graffiti and spray painting.

The incident happened during the week of nationwide protests against the merciless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The Trump campaign termed the incident “very disappointing”. Even the US Ambassador to India Ken Juster apologized.

What baffles me is that vandalising Gandhi’s statue outside the Indian Embassy has nothing to do with what the protests are about.


Protests against the custodial killing of Floyd turned violent in some places in the US and prestigious monuments were damaged.

In Washington DC this week, protestors damaged monuments like the Lincoln Memorial.

The End

“It’s disgraceful to see the defacing of the Gandhi statue in DC,” North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis said.

He went on to say that Gandhi was a pioneer of peaceful protesting, demonstrating the great change it can bring.

Rioting, looting and vandalizing do not bring us together, and we couldn’t agree more.

Now, the vandalized statue of Gandhi has been covered and efforts are being taken to clean up the site at the earliest.

Nonetheless, this utter disrespectful act is being checked.

The Embassy of India is being contacted to rectify this exact situation.