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Trump Condemns 75-year-old Protester Shoved By The Police

Donald Trump lashes out at 75-year-old protester shoved, hurt by police

The Situation

President Donald Trump alleged an elderly man without any substantial evidence.

His comment was that this protester, who was shoved to the ground and injured by police in Buffalo, was a “provocateur” who overdid his fall.

Trump’s tweet came on the Tuesday after the injury last week of protester Martin Gugino, 75.

He has been identified as an activist and a member of the Western New York Peace Center.

A Video showed him approach the police and speak to them before being pushed by them.

Gugino fell backwards to the ground and was motionless afterwards, bleeding from his head.

Two officers have been suspended and charged with assault, and have pleaded not guilty.


The president said it “could be a set up” and claimed that he believed Gugino was attempting to tamper with police equipment by scanning it.

Trump has regularly tried to put down the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.

He criticized the death of Floyd and the actions of the officers involved.

However, otherwise, he has generally praised the actions of police in protests this month.


The President on Tuesday blasted out a conspiracy theory regarding the 75-year-old man seen on video.

He said the man getting shoved to the ground by Buffalo police during a protest fell ‘harder than he was pushed’ and had connections to Antifa.


A close-up and slowed footage of the incident was surfaced with voice-over from a correspondent touts possible connections to Antifa, a group Trump remarks is a domestic terrorist organisation.

The report claimed that the very incident could be the result of a false flag provocation by far-left group Antifa.

It cites information that appeared on the Conservative Treehouse blog which identifies Gugino as a ‘well-known activist.

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