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Trump Condemned For Violent Uprising


David Mudd

US protests defy curfews as Trump faces backlash for violent crackdown

The Situation

A huge rivalry between the police and the demonstrators took place in the city of New York.

Los Angeles saw a similar uprising over the death of George Floyd.

For those who don’t know who he was, George was an unarmed Afro-American who was murdered by a white police officer.

His killing has brought about a protest, so excruciatingly horrific that it’s pretty darn hard to put your finger on it.

There were even reports of the looting and vandalism that had taken place amidst street demonstrations in previous nights.


Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Houston to pay homage to Floyd, who grew up in the Texas city.

Reportedly, he is supposed to be buried over there next week.

The Houston city Mayor, Sylvester Turner said that today was about George Floyd’s family and how he wants them to know that George did not die in vain.

Floyd had a six-year-old daughter. His wife told a news conference that she wanted justice for her husband because he was good, no matter what everyone thinks.

Source- The Wrap

In New York, on Tuesday, protests and demonstrations prolonged for a pretty long time.

Such vivacity was seen for the first time since World War II.

AFP reporters saw hundreds refusing to go home after the 8:00 pm cut off.

What Next

Instead, they stayed over there, chanting slogans and peacefully walking the streets in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Nevertheless, protesters attempting to cross the Manhattan bridge were stopped there for an extended period by police.

They were finally allowed to return to Brooklyn, according to a New York Times reporter on the scene.

Minnesota was the first city to take concrete actions to talk about the apparent loss and wreck.

And it should be, for a black man shouldn’t be fended to die, nor to be homeless, nor to be sick, nor to be underemployed, nor to be under-educated.