Trump Condemnable Techniques


David Mudd

Trump “Tear-Gassed Peaceful Protesters, For A Photo”: Joe Biden

Trump’s Grounds

US President Donald Trump pronounced a very fresh rage on Monday.

This happened right after police used tear gas to clear protesters from outside the White House.

Only for Trump, so he could pose for photographs at a nearby church damaged during civil unrest. Strange.

This action undeniably earned him a sharp rebuke from the city mayor.


Also, the Episcopal bishop, and leading Democrats including former vice president Joe Biden, who denounced the entire action and said all this was done “for a photo.”

Trump Hong Kong

Trump visited the historic St John’s Church, across the street from the White House.

And this came into the public eye after he delivered an address denouncing vandalism.

Vandalism, which has happened after the anti-racism protests had taken place and gripped the entire country.

Law enforcement and military police could be seen firing tear gas to clear peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park.

This was right outside the White House and was done in order to allow the president to walk over to the church.

Known as “the Church of the Presidents,” St. John’s was spray with graffiti and partially damage by fire during unrest on Sunday.

What Next

Joe Biden, the powerful Democratic opponent of Trump, is all set to vote him out this coming election.

He condemn Trump saying he is only using the American military against the American people.

This was after Trump announce that he’d order an army crackdown to sweep off any protest whatsoever.

Biden went on to say that Trump tear-gaze peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets only for a photo.

He said that for the children, for the very soul of the country, everyone must defeat him.

Biden also announced he would speak in Philadelphia on Tuesday about the utter civil unrest which the entire country is facing.