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Trump Adds Tax On Foreign Products


David Mudd

Donald Trump to charge tax on companies manufacturing outside US

Trump Masterplan

Donald Trump, the increasingly loved President, has decided to add huge taxes on Apple so as to stop it’s manufacturing bases from being located at China and Ireland among others.

In a recent interview, he spoke about this very news and said how taxation was simply a stimulus for making the companies return to the US and produce a manufacturing base over there.

Note how he assures us China wouldn’t be in line with production of specimens for Apple products anymore.

He went on to say how he hadn’t put up a border when it came to dealing with export manufacturing, as other countries have.

This tax was an impulse for the countries including India, Ireland and China, for they make these products outside the US.

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Trump talked about how these supply chains are all over the world, made in different parts of the globe.

And then, if one piece of the material goes bad, then god forbid, the entire blame comes on the US.

Everything apparently is messed up because of it even though the manufacturing bases are located outside the States.

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What Next?

Trump said he even decided on not having any supply chains and instead have them all built in the US itself.

Can’t wait to see where THAT goes now. Amidst the entire Coronavirus wreck, the President Trump has everything to think of but the welfare of the masses after all.

I don’t see any success with the whole lockdown procedure, hoping this new masterplan brings about a change in the perpetual blame-game. *shrugs*

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