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Trump Action Against Social Media Platforms


David Mudd

Trump readies executive order targeting Facebook, Google and Twitter, sparking widespread criticism about threats to free speech

Trump Will

On Thursday, Donald Trump is all set to sign an executive order which could likely open the door for a federal regulator.

This is in regards to punishing Facebook, Google and Twitter for the way they police content online.

It also includes issuing a serious broadside against Silicon valley that very soon triggered political opposition.

His directive of doing this utter business comes after Twitter steered viewers of some of the President’s tweets.

What’s To Come

This comprised of news articles that fact-checked his claims. But Trump being Trump, calls this censorship.

It had been over a million light-years since something was done to stop his roundabout news.

His tweets were anything but true most of the time and it baffled me how no action whatsoever was being taken against it.

However, advocates for the tech sector and legal experts doubted the legality of Trump’s draft proposal.


Legal Procession

They also doubted its implication for free speech and questioned whether the US government could even carry out the order according to the president’s will.

Tech-industry people discussed a potential lawsuit challenging Trump’s order, once it was signed.

Trump’s order would pave the way for US agencies to revisit and undo long-standing legal protection known as section 230.

It spares tech-giants from being held legitimately liable for the content they allow to be viewed online.

All this and more was confirmed by the legal spokesperson who also said that there might be a few changes made to the actual file.

Trump’s orders have been always carried out with utmost respect and sincerity and this case wouldn’t be any different.

What do you think about his apparent decision?

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