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Tron 3- What’s Happening the Following Tron Film

Tron is an American sci-fi media franchise. It is created by Steven Lisberger. Troy franchise consists of films, short, and series. The first film hit the screen in 1982, produced and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It revolves around protagonist Kevin Flynn, a genius computer programmer and video game developer, who accidentally went into digital virtual reality known as “The Grid”. He interacted with several programs to escape from there.

The movie was a huge success and become a cult film. Consequently, the sequel film was released in 2010. The sequel continued from the place where 1st film ended. It depicts the attempts of Sam, Kelvin’s father, in reclaiming his lost father from the Grid. The second movie was not as much appreciated by fans as the first movie. Currently, the third film is in development and expected to be released soon.

When Will Tron 3 Hit the Screen?

Disney announced the making of the series back in 2015, but it was canceled in the same year. Now there are rumors that the filming of the Tron 3 has started with our new Director Davis. However, there is no official news released regarding the Tron 3. The movie is still in the initial stage.

According to Deadline, Disney is all set with the draft of the screenplay. Nevertheless, we can not say whether it will release or canceled just like before. However, it is confirmed that the fans have to wait much longer as it is not going to release any time sooner. Well, no worries. The fans waited for the second sequel for 28 years and obviously, few more years of wait for Tron 3 will not be a problem.

tron 3

Who Will We Meet in Tron 3?

Well, there is no official announcement regarding whom we see in Tron. However, It is confirmed that Jared Leto will be the star of the movie. He himself confirmed this in his tweet regarding the sequel.

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What Is the Storyline of Tron 3?

Disney has not lifted the curtains from the plot for Tron 3. Seeing the first two movies we can only predict that the sequel will follow the same tradition of sci-fi and will again take us to the Grid. One thing is sure that it will not be the sequel of Tron: The Legacy. According to Variety, Tron 3 will not be a sequel to either of the previous films.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the film was originally designed to be the sequel of Troy: the legacy, but the makers changed their decision later. I know you must be eagerly waiting for the movie and not knowing anything is quite frustrating. Lots of questions must be popping in your head. Will, we see any previous characters? What will happen next in the world of the Grid? We will further update you here if anything new comes.

What Is the IMDB Rating of Tron?

Tron 1 was very well received by the viewers., but Tron: the legacy was not that well received by the audience maybe because of the gap of 27 years. Though it was a great movie, it is underrated. It has a mediocre rating of 6.8.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Tron 3?

Disney has not officially shown the green light to the show, so there is no question of the trailer. However, according to Deadline, the draft of the screenplay is all set, so hopefully, there will be the release of an exciting trailer soon.

tron 3

Famous Dialogues of Tron 3

Some of the famous dialogues from sci-fi are here for reminiscence

“Some things are worth the risk”

“Be quiet if you want to live.”

“The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then, one day –“

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Frequently Asked Question

Where can we watch Tron?

You can see all the Parts of Tron in Disney. You can also watch it on Netflix and Amazon prime video.

What did Tron Stand for?

TRON is an acronym for “The Real-time Operating system Nucleus,” but you cannot understand this without having any computer background.

Why did Tron 3 cancel earlier?

TRON: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund revealed in an interview with MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, that Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland’s failure at the box office is partially responsible for the cancellation of TRON 3 by Disney.

Final Verdict

Tron Franchise has created films, short films, and series. The first film is a classic cult film. It has won the heart of people. All the Trons has a groundbreaking visual effect, an awesome soundtrack, and a marvelous performance of the actor. It is a great sci-fi to spend your quality time. Though the sequels are underrated, believe me, it’s worthy to watch if you enjoy sci-fi movies. Watch it and do let me know in the comments your experience with it.

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