Trolls 3 Release Date: What is It About? Who Will Be in It?



Trolls is one of the recently released movie series, a computer-animated jukebox musical comedy film. Starring Jason Timberlake and Anna Kendrick in the main lead of the show. The show makers of the series are currently working on the future of the movie. The Oscar-nominated movie has already claimed numerous fan following among the people.

The movie generally gathered massive popularity from the people and brought major demand for the sequel of the film. As the sequel is announced By the officers and the people begin again for the series, there comes a lot of surprises for the fans.

The last movie was released two years ago and gets nominated for achievements. The movie has a major Fan following All Around The World and ever since the second part of the film was released people started to speculate the possibility of a third movie. In this article, we will be going to read everything about Trolls  3. If you are someone who loves to watch the movie and wants everything will details about them  and continue reading the article.

Will There Be Another Sequel of Trolls 3?

As the sequel of the film was released among people, the audience started to wonder about the future of the film. there has been a long speculation regarding the third part of trolls. the fans are Eagle waiting for the next installment to hit on the screen.

One of the major questions that lie in front of the fan is whether the officials are planning to work with the movie or not. Trolls have officially related a sequel and a punch of short films and television specials for the fan. but the craving for more movies is still among the fans.

Thankfully, the officials have finally confirmed the release of the film and announced that day will move forward with it. there have been long speculation but as soon as the announcement hit the screen all the ongoing speculations were stopped by the fans.

When Trolls 3 Scheduled to Release?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the series’ release date. Ever since the officials confirmed Trolls season 3 and announced its development, the audience started to wonder about the release date of the animated film.

Co-director Tim Heitz and producer Gina Shay. “We’re always working on ideas because the team and I, we found that it’s infinite possibilities,” Dohrn told Gold Derby after the release of Trolls World Tour.

“We’ve been working on these films for six years and we’ve got a whole bunch more ideas, so if the world wants it, we’re ready to go.”

Thankfully, at the time of writing the production of the series has undergone many changes and move forward with it. not only this but the release date of the movie is officially announced by the officials. It should be noted here that Trolls 3 is officially due for release on November 17, 2023, in the US.

The audience in the UK will get a chance to watch the movie earlier as the officials have confirmed the release of the film on October 20, 2023. The fans of this animated movie can mark the date on their calendar so that they don’t miss any detail about the movie.

Trolls 3 Casts: Who Will Be in It?

There has been long speculation regarding the cast of the upcoming animated film. we already know that one of the major highlights of this show is its Voice artist who is other than the amazing actors of Hollywood. the film has a legendary cast, including Anna, Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, and Camila.

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Recently, the officials of the series have confirmed that all the major chords of the series will be coming back. Along with this, they have officially released information about the cast and their characters for the audience. In the next few lines, we will be disclosing all those things.

  • Anna Kendrick as Queen Poppy
  • Justin Timberlake as Branch
  • Camila Cabello as Viva
  • Eric André as John Dory
  • Amy Schumer as Velvet
  • Andrew Rannells as Veneer
  • Troye Sivan as Floyd
  • Daveed Diggs as Spruce
  • Kid Cudi as Clay
  • Zosia Mamet as Crimp
  • Zooey Deschanel as Bridget
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Gristle
  • RuPaul Charles as Miss Maxine
  • Aino Jawo as Satin
  • Caroline Hjelt as Chenille
  • Anderson .Paak as Prince D
  • Kunal Nayyar as Guy Diamond
  • Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond
  • Ron Funches as Cooper

In 2020, Timberlake shared how much he loves the film and he will be glad if there comes 7 such films. He said, “Seven  Trolls movies because it is the gift that keeps on giving.”

“You get to go to work and create something that’s outside of how you see yourself as an artist,” he told Billboard.

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“And for me, it’s interesting too, being able to work in film as an actor and being able to work in music as a performer, singer, songwriter, producer, whatever – it’s just one of those things that I just never thought those two worlds would mesh in an animated film.”

Director Walt Dohrn shared by saying He’s a big collaborator. We come at him with a, “Here’s our story but it’s a work in progress,” we’re always working on it. He comes in right at the top. He’s not just a voice actor, he is a real partner in these movies.”

Trolls 3 Plot: What is It About?

Thankfully, the plot for the upcoming movie has been released and it reads,” This holiday season, get ready for an action-packed, all-star, rainbow-colored family reunion like no other as Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake return for the new chapter in DreamWorks Animation’s blockbuster musical franchise: Trolls Band Together.

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After two films of true friendship and relentless flirting, Poppy and Branch are officially a couple (#broppy)! As they grow closer, Poppy discovers that Branch has a secret past. He was once part of her favorite boyband phenomenon, BroZone, with his four brothers: Floyd, John Dory, Spruce, and Clay. BroZone disbanded when Branch was still a baby, as did the family, and Branch hasn’t seen his brothers since.

But when Branch’s bro Floyd is kidnapped for his musical talents by a pair of nefarious pop-star villains -Velvet and Veneer – Branch and Poppy embark on a harrowing and emotional journey to reunite the other brothers and rescue Floyd from a fate even worse than pop culture obscurity.”

As stated in an interview producer Gina Shay said “We’ll put in covers for the whole movie, and then we’ll decide, “ooh this is the spot for an original song,” and we have five original songs by Justin Timberlake in the movie, and it’s so exciting.”

Trolls Band Together Official trailer

If you are one of those people who are waiting for the official trailer of trolls three, then you are at the right place. The officials have finally released a trailer for the audience.


This Comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox is based on the Good Luck Trolls dolls created by Thomas Dam. The film was directed by Mike Mitchell and co-directed by Walt Dohrn, from a screenplay by the writing team of Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, based on a story by Erica Rivinoja.

Franchise was officially released in 2016 and ever since then, the movie generated huge popularity all around the world. it is basically because of its marvelous storyline and well-developed Voice artists who are notable actors in Hollywood.

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