Trolley Season 2: Does Netflix Confirmed the Renewal of this Korean Drama?



Are you into Korean shows? Korean dramas have gained high potential among people and worked effectively for people who are into Korean shows. Over time, Korean shows have become more massive. Thanks to the wide diversity of the shows that allow people to watch several amazing series. Well, in recent times, especially after the pandemic., many people have found some great shows and one of them is Trolley. 

The trolley is one of the recently released Korean series that has landed on Netflix. Netflix is working on the release of amazing Korean shows and it is because of this OTT platform that people are constantly finding some amazing shows. 

As soon as the series landed on the platform, people were quick to watch it. It is because of this show that people are now anticipating the release of the future. If you are one of those people who are wondering about the release of Trolley Season 2 then this article is for you, here is everything about the series.

Trolley Season 2: Will there be Another Season?

When the first season of the trolley was released, the audience was super excited to witness the storyline. There is no doubt that trolley has one of the most amazing storylines and that’s the reason why the series was among the top-performing shows on Netflix. After the release of the first season, the show topped the chart and achieved popularity from the audience.

Both the audience and the critics reacted to the series positively and gave it amazing feedback. After watching the show, the viewers remain hooked on the storyline. Not only this but the character of the series performed very well which kept the interest of the audience till the end. 

Coming to the main question which is regarding the renewal of the show, As of now, the officials have not yet confirmed anything regarding the renewal of the show, the officials have not yet confirmed special details regarding it. While the audience is eagerly waiting for the news to be released and expecting another installment of the show, the show makers have not said anything as of now. 

If there are any details regarding the renewal of the show, we’ll let you know. 

Trolley Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

Netflix has officially released the first season of the show. The officials on the series are highly demanding the continuation of the show. As of now, the show has not confirmed anything regarding the renewal of the show. The trolley is neither confirmed nor canceled by the official.

 While we have seen that Korean shows majorly follow the limited edition theme with their series, recently the trend has changed. After most of the shows come with multiple seasons, Korean series are also trying their way into it. Just take the example of the squid game ” All of Us are Dead which is preparing its second season for release.

 As we can see most Korean shows have adopted the multiple-season concept, so there are high chance for trolley season 2 to happen. At the time of writing, we don’t have any specific details regarding the release of the show but if there will be any details about the show we will make sure to let you know.

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 If trolley season 2  gets renewed before this year, we will watch the show in 2024. But viewers need to keep in mind that this is not an exact release date released by the official sources and is rather a prediction for the show. If the show makers release a confirmed date then make sure to update it here.

Trolley season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Coming back to the question which is most asked by the fans and that is who will be going to be cast in the series. The fans of the Trolley are waiting to hear the details about the cast that I am likely to be back in the second season. seeing the ending of the series, we know that a lot of characters are returning.

 The show wouldn’t be happening without Kim Hyun-Joo as Kim Hye-joo/ Kim Jae-eun, the main lead of the show. She is the wife of a member of the national assembly who runs a book preparation shop. In the series, we got to learn about her life and how she runs her shop. Besides that, there are a lot of things that she faces during the story which is interesting to watch.

 Along with that, the story focuses on her early life which is portrayed by Jung Yi-joo. Jung Yi-Yoo features in the series as young Kim Hye-joo/ Kim Jae-Eun. Park Hee-soon as Nam Joong-do is likely to be back in the show. He portrays the character of a promising member of the National Assembly.

Just like Kim Hye Joo’s story, the series also runs around the early life of Nam Joong-do ( Portrayed by Kim Soo-oh). Along with that, there will be Kim Mu-yell as Jang Woo-Jae, the most trusted employee of Joong-do in the show who also happens to be his senior Assistant. 

In the second season, fans are likely to see Jung Soo-bin as Kim Soo-bin. After her parents divorced, she lived in a group house. 

Talking bout the additional cast of the series, we are likely to see Seo Jeong-yeon as Hyun Yeo-jin, Kim Hye-joo’s close friend and mistress of Nam Joong Do, Choi Myung-bin as Nam Yoon-seo, Yoon Sa-bong as Kim Bit-na, Jung Soon-won as Go Min-seok, Choi Soo-im as Choi Ja-young, Ryu Hyun-kyung as Jin Seung-hee, Oh Yu-jin as young Jin Seung-hee, Ki Tae-young as Choi Ki-young, Kim Il-ji as young Choi Ki-young. 

The series also features the members of the National assembly that includes, Kim Mi-Kyung as Woo Jin-seok, Lim Chul-hyung as Seung-gyu’s father, Jung Taek-Hyun as Nam Ji-hoon, Won Mi-won as Cho Gwi-soon, Gil Hae-yeon as Lee Yoo-shin, Jang Gwang as Kang Soon-hong, Lee Min-Jae as Jin Seung-ho and Kim Gyun-ha. 

Trolley Season 2 Plot Deatils: What Can We Expect with it?

The storyline of this Korean drama features the characters and their life. Filled with a lot of drama and attention, the show has everything that will excite you. The story of the show is based on Hye-Joo, the main lead of the show. She is the wife of a National assembly member. She has a bookshop where she works but at the same time, she hides tons of secrets about her family which is later revealed in the show.

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As the series continued, we learned about the secrets that make the series more entertaining. After she reveals all the secrets, the story changes its way. coming back to the major question which is regarding the storyline for the second season. So as of now, the officials have not yet released any plot details about the show. We are still waiting to hear the official announcement and if there will be any details regarding it we will make sure to let you know.

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