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Trick Daddy Net Worth: Real Life Issues, Struggles, Career, Earning Sources and More!

trick daddy net worth

Trick Daddy is an American rapper, actor, and patron who has a net worth of $30,000. Trick Daddy’s real name is Maurice Samuel Young, and he has been an integral part of the hipsterism- hop community for numerous times.

After starting his career in Liberty City, Young rose to fame during the late 90s and ultimately started working with major names like Lil Jon, Twista, the Ying Yang Twins, DJ Khaled, Young Jeezy, and numerous others.

 Trick Daddy’s career has been marred by a number of fiscal and legal issues over the times. From a youthful age, Maurice has been in and out of captivity on a number of occasions, and he continues to have run- sways with the law.

Despite his success in the music assiduity, Young has plodded to maintain his wealth, and he has declared ruin or tried to declare ruin on several occasions.

 Beforehand Life

 Maurice Samuel Young was born on September 27th of 1974 in Miami, Florida. Raised alongside 10 siblings primarily by his mama in Liberty City, Maurice dealt with the pressures of a low- income neighborhood from an early age. His father was a original pander who took Maurice in as a teenager.

While Young was living with his father, he started to get involved in crime for the first time. By 15, he was dealing crack cocaine on the thoroughfares.

 Maurice was soon arrested for medicine and arm possession, but effects would only get worse from there. On the veritably same day he was released from guardianship, he was arrested formerly again for tried murder after he shot a man in the road.

At age 20, Young faced a significant captivity judgment . While he was dealing with all of this, his family was boggled.


 After being released from captivity, Young connected with Ted Lucas, the author of Slip- N- Slide Records. Lucas encouraged Maurice to pursue a rap career and stay out of captivity, and the unborn rap star took this advice to heart.

He first appeared on the 1996 reader” Uncle Luke,” and his debut reader” Grounded on a True Story” followed in 1997. This reader led to another release called”,” which featured the track” Nann Nigga.” This proved to be a massive megahit, and it peaked at number three on the rap maps.

His coming reader,” Book of goons Chapter AK Verse 47,” was released in 2000. Coming time, he released” goons Are Us,” and in 2004 he came out with” Thug Matrimony Married To The thoroughfares.” This reader would feature the smash hit” Let’s Go,” which was a collaboration with Twista.

Farther collaborations followed with Ying Yang Twins, DJ Khaled, and Pitbull. By 2008, Trick Daddy had departed from Slip- n- Slide records to produce his own record marker. In 2011, he banded with Young Jeezy before releasing a mixtape. moment, Trick Daddy tenures the United States constantly.

 Legal Issues

 In 1993, Trick Daddy was condemned of cocaine possession, carrying a concealed armament, and violating exploration. He latterly served 15 months in a Florida state captivity. In 2003, he was arrested on gun charges, and latterly that time he was arrested for cocaine and marijuana possession.

 In 2014, Trick Daddy was arrested outside of his home in Miramar, Florida for cocaine and munitions possession. After police were given a leave to search the outside of his property with tykes , Young tried to leave the property in his vehicle. He was stopped by the police, who reminded him that he was driving on a suspended license.

 Young also asked the officers if their leave had anything to do with his overdue child support payments. After Young admitted to having medicines in his property, police attained a full hunt leave and set up a small quantum of cocaine, and colorful arms. Trick Daddy was ultimately released on a$,100 bond.

 In 2020, Young failed a field sobriety test after being pulled over by the police in Miami. After being taken into guardianship, Trick Daddy handed over his effects, and officers set up a small quantum of cocaine concealed in a bone

 bill. He was ultimately charged with a DUI and cocaine possession.

 Real Estate

As part of Trick Daddy’s ruin form in 2019, it was revealed that he still possessed a home in Miramar, Florida, which had an assessed value of about$,000. The property spans about 1,000 square bases of living space, and it’s located near Miramar Regional Park.

 Financial Issues

 On August 31, 2015, Trick Daddy filed for ruin in Florida. According to the form, Trick had around$,000 worth of means and$,000 worth of debt at the time. He also claimed that his yearly earnings were still in the ballpark of$,000, and utmost of this income came from music royalties and club appearances.

 At the time of his ruin form, Trick Daddy owed about $1,000 in child support to one former gal and another$2,000 in child support to another former gal. He also supposedly owed$3,000 in aft levies and$,000 in mortgages.

 In 2019, it was reported that Trick Daddy had filed for another ruin. This time, court documents suggested that the rapper owed further than$5,000 to colorful creditors. At the time, he claimed to have$ 0 in his checking account and$ 150 worth of clothes.

That said, Trick Daddy still possessed his Miramar home at this time, which was worth$,000. He claimed that the home was filled with ménage particulars worth about$,500. Although he continues to have a stake in Trick & Rick Music Publishing, this stake was supposedly only worth$,000.

 This rearmost ruin form was substantially related to real estate debt, and it was extensively reported that his ruin form was an attempt to save his home from the transaction block.

At the time, he owed well over$,000 to his mortgage company. Since 2015, he still had not managed to pay off any of the$,000 he owed to the IRS, and his overdue child support payments remained undetermined at$1,000.

Court documents also revealed that Trick Daddy’s three previous attempts at declaring ruin had all redounded in failure, as the cases were dismissed by the court.


 Trick Daddy has a net worth of $1.5 Million. Trick Daddy is a solid actor. There was a time when Trick Daddy was considered notoriety who has the implicit to be great but in the last 25 times, he has lost that instigation.

 He has lately blazoned in a Rolling Stone magazine composition that he’s going to just renew his music career in hipsterismhop. However, we’re each with him, If he does. Rather than being known for whatever he has done intriguing effects about Trick Daddy, He’s known for further of his mishaps, rather than being known for his music.

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