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Trendy Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas

At one time, tattoos were seen as taboo. However, in the last decade or so, they have become extremely mainstream. Tattoo designs have evolved over the years as trends change. The same can be said for tattoo placement. Currently, thigh tattoos are all the rage.

In this article, we shall take a look at tattoo ideas for the thigh. And we will touch briefly on while this placement for tattoo designs is suddenly all the rage.

Why are Thigh Tattoos Trending Right Now?

Thigh tattoos are popular because they draw the eye to the lower body, especially the legs. They are often viewed as bold, sexy, and seductive. Additionally, they provide a larger canvas for tattoo ideas. And as a plus, the thigh is said to be one of the least painful areas for tattoos.

As a bonus, tattoos on the thigh are easy to cover up. This is ideal for those who still work in a field where tattoos are taboo.

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Popular Thigh Tattoo Ideas

  • Rose Thigh Tattoo Ideas

You can’t go wrong with a rose if you are a fan of floral tattoo ideas. Roses can be both dramatic and meaningful when placed strategically. Roses depict true beauty and true love. There are plenty of tattoo designs that incorporate roses. They are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere on your thigh.

  • Cute Tattoos Idea for Thighs

Cute tattoos give off a fun and playful vibe. However, this does not mean that they lack sex appeal. Cute tattoo designs tend to be smaller than other thigh tattoos. Tattoo ideas for cute tattoos include animals, food, cartoon characters, and favorite symbols.

  • Henna Thigh Tattoo Suggestions

Henna tattoos are trendy because they are drawn directly onto the skin instead of tattooed into the skin via a needle. As well they are plant=based and therefore natural. A henna tattoo is only temporary, so they are popular with those who wish to try out a tattoo design before committing to a permanent tattoo. They do not have any pain factors and fade naturally in just a few weeks. Henna tattoos are ideal for those with low pain tolerance or just interested in temporary tattoos. Most people opt for henna thigh tattoos while on vacation to show off their tattoo ideas while wearing a short dress, miniskirt, short shorts, bathing suit, or bikini.

  • Simple Ideas for Thigh Tattoos

Not everyone wants an elaborately detailed tattoo design. Simple tattoos are often those that are most associated with deep meaning. As well they appeal to minimalists. They also tend to be low on the pain scale and don’t cost as much as more intricate tattoo designs.

  • Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas for the Thigh

Those who are drawn to all things new age and mystical will love sun and moon thigh tattoo designs. The possibilities are endless, from Celtic designs to simple sun and moon tattoo ideas. Sun and moon symbolize the power of nature, masculine and feminine, light and dark, and balance.

  • Ideas for Sunflower Thigh Tattoos

Sunflowers are another popular theme for tattoos. The sunflower represents good health, good luck, loyalty, and a positive outlook on life. They are ideal for the thigh area as their design naturally follows and compliments the natural curve of the thigh.

  • Wrap Around Thigh Tattoo Ideas

As thighs are viewed as one of the most sensual parts of the body, they often represent femininity. Wrap-around tattoos are perfect for the tight as they can be as delicate as a lace garter or as edgy as a snake.

Suggestions for Snake Thigh Tattoos

At one time, men were the only ones who could boast of a snake tattoo. However, they are now a popular tattoo choice for women, especially on the thigh. The curved lines of the snake’s body give it a sexy vibe. Additionally. Snakes represent intelligence, mystery, intrigue, transformation, and most importantly, female energy and sexuality.

  • Cherry Blossom Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Cherry blossoms are another one of the great tattoo ideas for those who are looking for a pretty and feminine tattoo with deep meaning. Cherry blossoms only bloom for a very small time frame every year. Therefore they can represent the beauty and fragility of life and that nothing lasts forever.

  • Ideas for Lotus Flower Thigh Tattoo

Lotus flowers represent personal growth, beauty, and spiritual enlightenment. The lotus flower blossoms despite unfavorable conditions. Therefore a lotus flower tattoo can symbolize inner strength, maturity, and spiritual growth.

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