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Trending Engagement Rings of Fall 2022

An engagement ring should endure a lifetime so that it can be the reminder you need of your happiest moments. A testimony to your love and devotion, it is the one item you would always want to take your heart every time you look at it.

But times have changed, and what was once considered normal is now overlooked or put in the “classics” category. Couples are renouncing tradition and following their hearts when it comes to design elements, as evident from the progressive ideas coming forth about living spaces; wedding jewelry is no exception. Hence, you should expect to see unordinary designs trending in today’s industry. This article looks into the top trending engagement rings.

Gender-Neutral Rings

These rings have already taken the industry by storm due to people’s increasing interest. It is predicted that in the years to come, gender-neutral designs will continue to rise in popularity, particularly since celebrities—such as Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner—have been seen breaking the norm by wearing chunkier rings.

An industry expert opines that while delicate designs are still popular for engagement rings, women are starting to opt for chunkier designs that are typically associated with menswear given their bold nature.

Integrating Heirlooms

Families traditionally keep rings as a sign of their emotional attachment to their elders. You can wear these pieces as-is or have the metals and gemstones altered into other looks. In either case, including a family heirloom in your engagement ring carries great sentimental value.

When looking for engagement rings, couples also gravitate towards the idea of incorporating family heirlooms and transforming them with modern designs to express their love. Such a design can be updated by using a new band, diamond shape, or cut or going for hand engraving.

Colored Pieces

Despite the inclination towards classics, colored stones make up a handsome portion of gemstone sales. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies let you incorporate your favorite color in your engagement ring while also adding a touch of sparkle to it. Not only will it offer color, but it will also let you express your style and make you look opulently beautiful.

Pear Taking the Cherry

Rings with pear-shaped gemstones look feminine and refined; no wonder they are among the top and most stylish jewelry trends for fall 2022. They are the epitome of elegance and beauty, and, whether in a solitaire or halo setting, their beautiful contours allow the stone to glitter even more brilliantly.

This design also gives your finger a longer and more slender appearance while also symbolizing tears of pleasure. Depending on your mood, you can wear a pear-shaped diamond ring with the stone facing up or down.

Black Ice

This season, couples are being seen choosing unique settings for their engagement rings. Black stones, also known as black ice, are a step towards modernity and distinctiveness—a combination that makes them eye-catching yet a design worth considering. Nothing defies conventional colorless diamond convention while remaining as stylish as a stunning black diamond engagement ring.

The Timeless Solitaire 

Regardless of when you talk about trending engagement ring designs, a traditional solitaire setting will be on your list. Engagement rings with a single center diamond have consistently been the most preferred design and a timeless classic that never gets old.

A simple metal band and the center diamond are what you need to appreciate the stone’s beauty. The diamond will ooze brilliance in all of its stunning splendor, thanks to the setting’s understated design. This type of ring is the ideal expression of your devotion and affection because of the brilliantly sparkling diamond.


There has been a surge in demand for oval-shaped diamonds—a trend that will continue through 2022 and well into 2023. According to experts, the soft and oblong shape of an oval highlights the hand and makes the fingers appear longer. The diamond can be enhanced further with other stones or a band with decorations, but even if you let it stay as it should, you can rest assured that it will speak for itself.

Bling in Size

Size is not the first consideration that comes to mind when you think of buying an engagement ring. But 2022 has proved many wrong with big stones being among the most preferred options for couples looking to go above and beyond. Gone are the days when people used to associate delicacy with engagement rings.


People have started spending money on bold styles, hoping they will last a lifetime while still being beautiful and sparkling. Instead of buying delicate stones vulnerable to damage, they want surety that their engagement rings will stand everyday use. Such mood-altering pieces allow people to express themselves and take up space, much like the “dopamine dressing” we find in ready-to-wear.

Commissioned Pieces

If you and your partner enjoy unique items made by artisans, commission one, especially if you are having trouble finding what you want. This will enable you to uniquely incorporate your personality and love stories without settling for pre-made pieces that may not reflect what you wish to see in your engagement ring. If you want the experience to be as personalized as possible, you will not be able to find a more suitable option.

Pave Rings

Pavé has always been and continues to be among the most favored options because of its distinctively glittering appearance. This fall, couples are strongly recommended to contemplate this design before they decide what to buy. Since pavé diamonds are small and inexpensive, you get all the facets that reflect light in all directions with even the slightest movement of the finger. Fortunately, despite their grace, they do not come with hefty price tags.


Vintage pieces are the real trendsetters with their ability to heed classic designs while giving them a touch of the current industry trends. Whether you select a traditional diamond or a vibrant gemstone for your ring, a vintage design will highlight your selection dazzlingly.

This trend also includes engagement rings with a cushion cut, which is a classic option that will always be on the cutting edge of fashion due to its timeless design and vintage appeal.

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