Travis Kelce was spotted on the set of Grotesquerie, the next television series created by Ryan Murphy.


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The premiere of the scripted series on FX is scheduled for this fall.

Adding further experience to his resume is Travis Kelce!

This fall, the 34-year-old player who won the Super Bowl in 2024 will be accomplishing more than just making plays on the field. Kelce will also have a role in Grotesquerie, a horror drama directed by Ryan Murphy and produced by FX.

In May, the news was initially verified by PEOPLE.

The second unit director, Larry McGee, posted a photo of Kelce on social media on Tuesday, July 9. Kelce was the recipient of the photo.

Alongside one another, the two appeared to be smiling in the picture that was posted on Instagram.

A giant palm tree and what appeared to be a Sprinter van could be seen in the the background, along with a few residences and cars. In the distance, both of these things were visible. McGee had a set walkie talkie on his hip at all times. The photo does not provide any additional information or details.

“Since @killatrav came to play with us on set for a while (the acting chops are there). I told him in return I’ll be watching football 🏈 this season. Let’s go Kansas City Chiefs 🏟️,” McGee captioned the image.

Additionally, Allison Carr, who looks to be a member of the crew, shared photographs of the NFL player on set, smiling alongside members of the crew in group images.

Considering that the news had been announced, this was not the first time that the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs had been seen on set.

Travis Kelce was spotted on the set of Grotesquerie, the next television series created by Ryan Murphy.

On May 7, Niecy Nash-Betts posted a video on Instagram from the set as well with caption: This is what happens when WINNERS link up!! @killatrav Welcome to Grostequerie!

“Guys, guess who I am working with on Grotesquerie?” the Niecy Nash said in the Instagram video. After waiting a beat, she panned her camera over to reveal the NFL star standing next to her.

“Jumping into new territory with Niecy!” Kelce said with a smile.

“We on site!” she exclaimed.

Nash-Betts, who is 54 years old, has previously collaborated with Murphy, who is 58 years old, appearing in films such as Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and Scream Queens.

Kelce’s experience working in front of the camera has been constantly increasing.

He had previously made an appearance on Showtime’s Moonbase Season 8 in the year 2020, playing himself. In March of 2023, he was the host of Saturday Night Live, and in October of that same year, he made a return appearance in a sketch about himself and his girlfriend Taylor Swift. It has been decided that he will be the host of the new game show on Prime titled “Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?” As a matter of fact, Grotesquerie will be his very first series that he has written.

The pro athlete discussed the acting challenge on Good Morning America on June 6.

“I’ve been on a few shows before, I’ve only played myself on those shows though,” he said.

Travis Kelce was spotted on the set of Grotesquerie, the next television series created by Ryan Murphy.

Kelce admitted that with Grotesquerie, it’s “definitely different portraying a character and trying to find the emotions in everything and the understanding of a script and a scene.”

“It’s a challenge. I feel like an amateur right now, but I’m coachable,” he added. “That’s one thing I know from being in sports — I’m a coachable guy.”

He also shared his excitement for the new experience on an episode of his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.

“It’s been so much fun. Ryan Murphy is [an] unbelievable writer, director, producer, all of the above, man. He’s just — there’s nothing he can’t do and everybody’s just been so helpful in making me feel comfortable,” Kelce said.

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