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Transformers 7: Crossovers, Cast, Plots, Budgets, Everything To Know


David Mudd

Read ahead to find out more about Transformers 7 release date. Also, read ahead to know more about the cast, plot, and what all to expect from the seventh installment of the Transformers film series.

About The Transformers Series

Transformers is an American science fiction action film series. Furthermore, the first Transformer movie was released in 2007. To date, there have been six installments of the Transformer movies.

Michael Bay directed the first five Transformer movies. Also, Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Picture distributes the film. Moreover, the Transformer film series is the thirteenth-highest grossing film series.

Furthermore, the series has received mixed reviews. Some find it overrated, while some compliment the sci-fi and creativity used in all the six installments so far. The series has cast celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Frank Welker, Megan Fox, Peter Cullen, Tyrese Gibson, Nicola Peltz, Julie White, and many more.

Transformers 7

Release Date Of Transformers 7

The Transformers 7 will be named as Transformers: The Rise Of The Unicorn. Furthermore, the exact date of release is not known yet. The seventh installment has a movie budget of 217 million dollars.

Furthermore, the production has stopped due to the coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, we can expect Transformers: The Rise Of The Unicorn to release at the end of this year or in mid-2021.

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Cast And Expected Plot

The cast of the Transformers: The Rise Of The Unicorn is still unknown. Moreover, we will have to wait for further updates and the official trailer to know the cast. Furthermore, after the last movie, Optimus Prime becomes more aware of Cybertron.

Also, the earth is put in the middle of a giant intergalactic battle. Furthermore, we might expect beast wars in the new movie. Many crossovers and twists will be seen in the movie. Moreover, the Transformers series has a big fanbase.

Transformers 7
Transformers 7

Therefore, fans globally have to wait what the seventh installment of the movie has got to offer. But it will surely be a big blockbuster just like the previous ones.