Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything Else About Prey for the Devil


Aditi Narendra

Take an exclusive look at the Prey for the Devil trailer today, descending into the mouth of Hell and previewing a battle between a young nun and the Devil. In Prey for the Devil, which sounds like a new kind of possession horror film.

After an opportunity to speak with filmmaker Daniel Stamm about the movie and the process that went into making it. In case the title didn’t give it away, Stamm’s previous film, The Last Exorcism, likewise dealt with demonic possession. Patrick Fabian played a priest, who was the primary role, in the drama. Prey for the Devil’s protagonist, however, will be rather different. First of all, a woman.

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“In response to a global rise in demonic possessions, the Catholic Church reopens exorcism schools to train priests in the Rite of Exorcism. On this spiritual battlefield, an unlikely warrior rises a young nun, Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers).

In addition to Virginia Madsen, who played the original Candyman in the movie, Lisa Palfrey, Nicholas Ralph, and Ben Cross are also present in the production, which is directed by Daniel Stamm of The Last Exorcism and written by Robert Zappia of Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

prey fo the devil

Paul Brooks (the Pitch Perfect series, The Haunting in Connecticut, and White Noise), Jessica Malanaphy, Todd Jones, and Earl Richey Jones produced the movie.

What is the Release Date of Prey for the Devil?

Prey for the Devil will be released on Friday, October 28, 2022. (Nationwide release). Devotion and Call Jane are two additional films that will be released on the same day.

Is There a Trailer for Prey for the Devil?

The trailer of Prey for the Devil is available on the internet. Check out the trailer before diving into the movie and find out if it is worth your time.

Who is in the Cast of  Prey for the Devil?

  • Jacqueline Byers as Sister Ann
  • Debora Zhecheva as Little Ann
  • Colin Salmon as Father Quinn
  • Virginia Madsen as Dr. Peters
  • Ben Cross as Cardinal Matthews
  • Christian Navarro as Father Dante
  • Lisa Palfrey as Sister Euphemia
  • Nicholas Ralph as Father Raymond
  • Velizar Binev as Father Bernhard

What is the Plot of Prey for the Devil?

We’ve been following an exorcism horror movie from Lionsgate, Gold Circle Entertainment, and Confluence for a few years now. This film, once known as The Devil’s Light and helmed by Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism) from a screenplay by Robert Zappia (Halloween H20), was slated to hit theatres back in February. The movie’s original release date has passed, but Lionsgate now said that it will now be in theatres for Halloween under the new title, Prey for the Devil. (October 28th is the exact release date in the UK.) Online releases of the movie’s trailer and posters have begun to create buzz.

prey for the devil

The Catholic Church reopens exorcism schools to instruct priests in the Rite of Exorcism in response to an increase in demonic possessions across the globe. Sister Ann, a young nun, emerges as an unusual warrior on this spiritual battlefield. Despite the fact that nuns are not allowed to perform exorcisms, a professor sees Sister Ann’s abilities and decides to instruct her.

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When Sister Ann and fellow student Father Dante are thrown onto the spiritual front lines to fight for the soul of a young girl, Sister Ann realizes the Devil has her exactly where he wants her—and it wants in. She claims the young girl is being troubled by the very same devil that tormented her own mother years earlier.

After some time, Sister Ann will find herself engaged in a struggle for the soul of Posy Taylor, a young girl she thinks to be under the control of the same demon that afflicted her own mother in the past. Stamm claims that in this tale of an “eternal conflict,” which affects successive generations, leaning into the generational aspect felt vital. Stramm admired that feature of the movie as well because it enhanced the characters’ appeal.

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‘You guys have made this all about yourself, fascinated with the notion of oneself valiantly confronting demons,’ Sister Ann is saying in our story. It’s time to concentrate on the victim, the possessed, and the one you say you’re fighting for since the devil is using your vanity to divert you. You must elevate them over the battleground you are currently traversing. Instead of shouting out Bible scriptures, let’s pause a second to listen.

What is the Final Verdict on Prey for the Devil?

As you can see, Prey for the Devil appears to contain every component of a traditional possession movie. I’m not sure whether this trailer doesn’t reveal too much. Going on a quest to figure out the cause of the haunting or possession is a big part of the fun in movies like this. I wonder how much more the movie has to give after what we are taught here. I also wonder what kinds of scares it offers. We’ll just have to wait until Halloween to find out.