Toy Boy Season 2 : What’s New and What You Should Know Right Now


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Toy Boy is a 2019 sexual thriller that premiered on Antena 3 in the Czech Republic. Despite the fact that it did not generate a significant audience when it was broadcast on television, the series was a smash on Netflix. In addition, the show has been renewed for a second season, for which Atresmedia has already launched marketing efforts. The new episodes, which began filming in April on the Costa del Sol and will be accessible on Atresplayer Premium “very soon,” will be available on the streaming service.

They will be available on Netflix in the near future in all countries. Following the explosion in the Inferno, the series will have to relocate, but Hugo’s life will not be easy, as he has managed to prove his innocence while also earning a number of enemies along the road. The series is now airing on Fox. His vow to wreak vengeance on the person responsible for Triana’s impending death will only complicate matters further.

Toy Boy Season 2

All of this will lead Hugo to One Percent, a prominent strip club where he will begin his inquiry into what transpired that evening. The problem is that the club’s two Italian brothers aren’t going to be pleased if anyone tries to pry their way into their private affairs…

When Is Toy Boy Coming Out? February 11 on Netflix

The second season of Toy Boy will be available on Netflix on February 11, 2022! Let’s talk about the series developed by César Bentez, Juan Carlos Cueto, and Roco Martnez Liano, which has returned to the platform following the success of the first season and will be available from February 28, 2020, onward.

Toy Boy, which was produced by Atresmedia, the same production firm that brought you The Paper House, is a true first of its type. According to its description as an intense thriller with a strong sexual undertone, it is unquestionably the first Spanish production of this type to be released on Netflix.

Toy Boy, which aired on Antena 3 in Spain from 25 September to 17 December 2019, became an international success after it was released on Netflix around the world in February of last year. It will be broadcast on Antena 3 in Spain from 25 September to 17 December 2019.

Already in July, César Benitezco, the series’ creator and the CEO of the production company Plano to Plano, which produces the series with Atresmedia, confirmed that the second season would be released. Production executive Benitez revealed that Toy Boy 2 was in the works, stating that Atresmedia and Netflix were collaborating on the series’ second season in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Toy Boy Season 2

Toy Boy 2 Plot, Previews

The Toy Boy 2 cast members are pictured below. Alex Gonzalez, Jess Mosquera, Federica Sabatini, and Cristina Castao are pictured from left to right in the photo above. Atresplayer Premium is credited with this image.A teenage dancer named Hugo finds himself embroiled in a horrific murder investigation in the film Toy Boy, which follows his exploits.

The youngster is taken into custody right away, despite the fact that he has no recollection of the events of the previous night. However, he is confident that he is not responsible. Triana Marin, the boy’s lawyer, is at his side, and she goes to tremendous measures to reopen the case and establish the boy’s innocence.

The spectacular conclusion to Toy Boy’s first season left a lot of things unanswered, and the upcoming episodes promise to provide many of those answers.According to the first developments of the second season, Hugo has been successful in proving his innocence in the murder of Philip Norman, but the investigation is not yet complete. In actuality, Trina was killed as a result of the detonation of a bomb, and Hugo is determined to track down the perpetrator and prevent him from getting away with it.

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One Per Cent, a new luxury strip club, is the only location that can be found after extensive research. However, the proprietors, El Turco and Rania, do not appear to be interested in disclosing the secrets of their success, and they are prepared to go to any length to ensure that the truth remains hidden.In the meantime, Macarena has left the city, Commissioner Zapata has retired, and Benigna is too preoccupied with trying to maintain control of Medina-Rojas.

Toy Boy 2 Episodes, How Many Are There?

Toy Boy makes a triumphant comeback to Netflix with eight all-new episodes. Atresmedia’s critically acclaimed series, Atresmedia, began filming for its second season at the beginning of April in the luxury setting of Costa del Sol, which will host production in a variety of sites throughout the region over the next few months.The second season will launch on Atresplayer Premium on September 26, 2021, in the United States, and will be released by Netflix in the rest of the globe starting on October 1, 2021.

Toy Boy 2 Cast, Actors and Characters

The actors who will play the main characters, Jess Mosquera (Hugo Beltrán González), Cristina Castao (Macarena Medina de Solis), and Mara Pedraza (Triana Marn), have all been confirmed.Federica Sabatini, star of the television series Suburra, also joins the cast as a guest actor (Nadia Gravone). However, the actress Michele Morrone, who we just saw in the Netflix film 365 Days, was forced to leave the series abruptly for personal reasons, prompting Pablo Roa and Fernando Sancristóbal to rework the script for the second season, which they did. The actor took over the character of lex González from the previous actor.

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The actors who will portray the strippers, who are at the heart of the plot of Toy Boy, will be included in the second season’s cast. Carlo Costanzia has been cast in the part of Jairo, Raudel Ral Martiato has been cast in the role of Germán, and Jose de la Torre has been cast in the role of Iván. As a substitute, we will not discuss Carlos Scholz in the character of Oscar.

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They also return time and time again. In the role of Angel Altamira, Javier Mora is joined by Pedro Casablanc (Inspector Zapata), Mara Pujalte (Carmen de Andrés), Adelfa Calvo (Doa Benigna Rojas Romero), and Miriam Dz-Aroca (Commissioner Luisa Gutiérrez) in the cast list. In addition to them, we have Juanjo Almeida in the part of Andrea Norman Medina and José Manuel Seda in the role of Borjia Medina on the cast list.

Enrique Arce, who is best known for his role as Arturito in The Paper House, Paco Marn, Ibrahim Al-Shami, Toni Zenet, and Juan Betancourt will all appear as guest stars in the second season of The Paper House.

Toy Boy 2 Trailer

Toy Boy Season 2

The official trailer for Toy Boy 2 season, which was released by Netflix Espaa on January 20, 2022, provides a first peek at the upcoming season.

Toy Boy 2 Streaming, Where to See It

Toy Boy 2 streaming is once again available on Netflix, which distributes the series outside of Spain and in other countries across the world.The series is broadcast on the Spanish television network Antena 3 and is available for streaming on the video-on-demand platform Atresplayer Premium in the United States.


Toy Boy” Season 2 finished with another surprise: when Macarena and Andrea were going to enter their house, she was shot. It may be one of Turk’s shocks for leaving him at the altar. “Toy Boy” has a lot more explaining to do, definitely hinting a renewal for another season, which is “Toy Boy” Season 3