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Tottenham: Tons Of Fans Fume At Official Club Post On Twitter


David Mudd

The latest tweet of the Tottenham club has created a lot of chaos. Many people have come out to oppose it. Fans have been disappointed with their team.

In the tweet, you can see the club celebrating their first anniversary. They had changed their stadium. So, they were quite happy to post it.

But they should’ve considered the way the circumstances are right now. They should’ve been more vigilant about it. Also, there could be many ways to avoid this situation. Many fans have fumed over the tweet.


They have expressed their discontent with the way things have turned recently. However, there is no word from the club as of now. Read to find out what happened.

The Tweet By The Club (Tottenham)

On April 3, the club tweeted about its first anniversary of shifting. This new stadium has been amazing to be on. It has won them many matched.

So, it has been very lucky for them indeed. The home ground worked well for the team for sure. But this tweet of celebration created quite an uproar.

People were not happy with how things were done. They were in dismay. However, here at Wembley, they have performed better.

So, leaving White Heart Lane wasn’t the issue. Then, what has bothered the fans about their new ‘home’?


Why Is That An Issue (Tottenham)?

The chairman Daniel Levy had recently said a cut down in the payment of about 550 non-playing staff. They will incur a loss of 80% of their wages.

It said that they had placed all the staff on the Government’s furlough scheme. This has infuriated many fans. So, in these circumstances, this tweet became another problem.

No one thought it was accurate enough. They expressed their discontent over the micro blogging site. This can be a problem for the board. However, they are yet to comment upon it.

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Rage Of Fans Over The Tweet


People are not necessarily happy with this course of events. They think that the cutdown in the wages was not fair.

One user has also written that the new stadium shouldn’t be called a home. This is because people in homes care about each other. Even after getting a 3M bonus over his 4M salary, the chairman thought that cutting down the non-players’ wages was accurate.

This should’ve been thought through.