Toscana: A Tale Of Belongingness


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Written and directed by Mehdi Avaz, Toscana is a 2022 Danish romantic comedy-drama film, starring Anders Matthesen as the fictional Michelin cook Theo Dahl. The film was released on 18 May 2022 on Netflix as the first Danish Netflix Original feature film.

Toscana tells the story of a Danish man who travels back to his childhood home in order to sell it but ends up realizing that there’s more to life.

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The film received negative criticism for its predictability and script by the critics but on the other hand, the film successfully earned a huge amount of fansbase among viewers. It became the fifth-most watched film worldwide on Netflix in its first week.

Quick Facts: Toscana

Directed by Mehdi Avaz
Written by Mehdi Avaz
Production company Rocket Road Pictures
Distributed by Netflix
Release date 18 May 2022
Running time 90 minutes
Country Denmark

Cast: Toscana

  • Anders Matthesen as Theo Dahl
  • Kaiser Houborg as young Theo
  • Christina Dell’Anna as Sophia
  • Elva Garcia Seidler as young Sophia
  • Andrea Bosca as  Pino
  • Ghita Nørby as Inge
  • Sebastian Jessen as Zeuten
  • Ari Alexander as Lai
  • Christopher Nissen as Svend
  • Karoline Brygmann as Melanie
  • Lærke Winther as Merle, Theo’s ex-wife
  • Christoffer Jindyl as Vincent
  • Pino Ammendola as Lucca
  • Sergio Pantani as præst
  • Renzo Del Lungo as Livio Ricci
  • Caroline Dahm as Camilla


Synopsis: Toscana ?

Toscana tells the story of Theo Dahl, a renowned chef name whose father recently passed away. He sets off to Italy. He travels to Tuscany to sell his father’s castle and raise funds to build a new restaurant in his hometown but Theo has new experiences and gets a vision to see the world in a different sense. He finds someone who provides him emotional experience that he has been lacking of all the years. He finally found what he has been looking for.

Trailer: Toscana

Here is the trailer of Toscana. Check below. 

Release Date: Toscana

Toscana was released on 18 May 2022 on Netflix as the first Danish Netflix Original feature film.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Danish Happy In Toscana?

In Toscana, Danish, a chef who is dissatisfied with his life until he gets to know about his father’s land in Tuscany, Italy, has been transferred to him.

Where Was Toscana Filmed?

Toscana was shot in Denmark and Italy. Filming took place at Castello di Ristonchi, located at Località Ristonchi Borgo, 4-7, Pelago FIorence.

Is Toscana A Good Film To Watch

The film became the fifth-most watched film on Netflix but received negative reviews from critics.


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This is a film of a cook who travels back in time to the house in order to tribute to his late father. He realized all the nostalgic feelings where he spent his childhood and grew up , discovering that there is more to life.  A good movie for all the food lovers and travel birdies.

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