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Top Z-Apocalypse Series To Watch On Netflix Right Now

Tired of watching too many dramas, romance, and comedy shows and series on Netflix? Want to have some change? Here is a list of top Z-Apocalyptic series you can watch on Netflix right now.

The Walking Dead (Netflix)

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror series. Frank Darabont is the developer of the show. Furthermore, Idiot Box Productions is the production company of the series.

Moreover, The Walking Dead has ten seasons to date. The first season released on 31st October 2010. The last and the latest tenth season released on  6th October 2019. Also, Netflix has renewed the series for an eleventh season that will release later this year.

The series revolves around a large group who are the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Moreover, they have named the zombies ‘talkers’. You will get to see a lot of drama and action as the group tries to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Also, conflicts will arise with other human survivors who have their own rules and survival instincts. Moreover, The Walking Dead is the longest zombie apocalyptic series to date. You can watch it on Netflix.

Black Summer

Black Summer

Black Summer is an American zombie horror series. Karl Schaefer and John Hyams are the creators of the show. Furthermore, The Asylum company produces the series. Black Summer has one season to date.

It released on 11th April 2019 on Netflix. Moreover, Netflix announced the second season of Black Summer in November 2019. We can expect the series to release towards the end of this year.

Furthermore, the series follows the journey of Rose, who got separated from her daughter during the zombie apocalypse. She embarks on a journey to find her daughter. Moreover, she starts to head towards the stadium where the military is holding up surviving human rescue camps.

However, the journey won’t be an easy walk of life. She will come across many zombies and humans as well who will put her life in danger. Moreover, the series moves at a medium speed giving enough time to viewers to digest the situation going on in the series.

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Z Nation


How can we forget this masterpiece! Z Nation is probably the best post-zombie apocalyptic series to watch on Netflix. Furthermore, Syfy Originals and The Asylum company produced the series.

Z Nation has a total of five seasons. The first season released in 2014 and the fifth and final season released in 2018.  The series follows the journey of a group who is carrying with them this man called Murphy.

He is the sole survivor of a zombie bite and therefore his blood has the antibodies needed to develop the zombie vaccine. Moreover, they embark on a journey to take him to the CDC Lab in California from New York.

However, the journey won’t be an easy one. They will come across many zombies and humans who will act as a barrier to them. Moreover, is the CDC Lab still there? Are there any survivors left at the lab? What lies next for humanity? Watch this amazing series to know more about it.


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