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Video Editing and Content Creation Trends to Watch Out for in 2021


Hadley Bourn

One of the best (and for some the worst) things about video production is an ever-changing environment. You never get bored in this industry since there is something new to learn every couple of months.

As new trends emerge, you get to discover new formats, work in different styles, and experience unexpected turns in filming settings and requirements.

As some people say, you never want to change careers if you work in video production. It feels like you are a job hopper anyway, considering how drastically things are changing in the industry.

In this post, we are going to explore what trends are influencing video production in 2021 and making the industry as exciting as ever for both viewers and creators.

Top Trends in Video Production in 2021

1. Remote Video Production

This is more of a returning trend than the emerging one. It all started in 2020 when people had to do social distancing and work from home (51% of the US employees have moved online fully).

The whole video production was shattered in the beginning, with no possibility of filming with the crew and talent in open spaces. However, like most industries, they found a way out. The rescue of the industry was remote video production.

Since we are likely to face lockdowns with new variants, the trend is returning again.

Remote video production is cost-effective, fast, and genuine. Viewers are caught with a person as they are rather than impressive angles and dynamic changes. You can film remotely through a popular video conferencing app and later on enhance the content with editing software.

However, it is likely to have low-quality audio and video. While it is still okay and attracts many viewers, you can still step your game up by sending a video kit to the talent or asking them to use both computer and smartphone.

An operator will give instructions on how to compress MP4 for faster sharing, how to set up a camera, or how to create the right lighting. After that, the talent can film the discussed script with better quality.

Seemingly less exciting, it is still a popular video production format during the lockdown. Viewers feel more connected to this type of video since they are sitting at home and live life through Zoom as well. Remote videos also help viewers concentrate on the information better and feel like they are actually listening to a friend rather than a faceless brand.

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2. Interactive Videos

Top Trends in Video Production in 2021

Interactive videos are a new buzzword in video production. Finally, viewers are able to become a part of the story, and it will definitely skyrocket engagement rates on every video title that has the word “interactive” in the brackets.

More than 75% of marketers have noticed that these videos work very well, and they suppose that interactiveness will become a huge trend.

With interactive videos, you can shop from the video directly, choose your own ending to the story, or create the tour on your own. However, sometimes interactive videos do not require that much effort. You can also go with polls, adding info about something when the user clicks on it or creating quizzes.

In order to create high-quality interactive videos, you need to utilize suitable editing software such as Magisto, Animoto, or Videosoftdev.

3. Live Videos

Live videos are yet another way of creating genuine content. There is no perfect production or edited-out shots. There are just people who give you a glimpse into how their real life looks now and unfiltered thoughts.

People also enjoy the opportunity of asking questions and connecting with other viewers in the comments.

The trend would be thriving without the pandemic: one in five Facebook videos are live-streamed, lives generate 1200% more views and shares, and user’s attention is 10-20 times longer than in a pre-recorded video.

Those are statistics before 2020. The pandemic made live streams even more popular: they do not require special effort and equipment and can be done from anywhere. However, the main reason why it became a skyrocketing trend is events.

People are not able to gather together for big events, shows, or conferences. Therefore, all concerts, fashion shows, events, and festivals have moved into the format of streams.

The only thing you should keep in mind while creating a live stream is the quality of the Internet and camera. Viewers are likely to abandon a bad stream after 90 seconds.

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4. Training Videos

The Internet is full of advertisements, and it makes regular users sick already. The adblocking services are thriving today.

So how can your brand avoid being yet another annoying ad?

Create a training video. By creating a tutorial, you are likely to get more downloads and skyrocket your engagement rates because users like the idea of the Internet as an education medium.

They want the content to be somehow useful to avoid wasting their time on entertainment completely. You can win over new customers by helping them to deal with their problems with tutorials, animated explaining videos, lectures, comparisons, etc. It is like turning your blog posts into videos.

And users like more visual, personal, and easier-to-understand videos. Training videos are also easy to make – sometimes, you just need simple editing software with a drag-n-drop interface to get started.

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5. Humanization

Top Trends in Video Production in 2021

People want to see people in the videos: traveling, growing, laughing or crying, trying products, and educating them. You can’t just throw a pair of shoes in the shot and call it a successful ad.

You need to tell a story, show life from other people’s perspectives, show behind the scenes of your company: make a video as social as possible. Customers want to know that they are not engaging with a big faceless corporation but humans that go through a similar experience and are as empathetic as they are.

One of the aftermaths of the personalization trend is a returning vlog trend. In a vlog, you can show your routine, crack jokes about things you randomly see, share your expertise on your short walk in the park, and meet other people. Users like to live a day in the life with someone and experience some things together.


Video production trends are less about the advanced editing software but about humans, genuineness, and bounding over the similar experience. Make close-to-raw footage with real emotions, and you are good to go!