Top 5 Pro Tips For Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer


Mohit Kamboj

Ever wondered how to dominate the Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer? This article has the answers. Unfortunately, the game is somewhat challenging for beginners because they follow the wrong approach. Even though this game has similar features to the original Modern Warfare, some things are different. For instance, there is a new mode in the Multiplayer called the “Pop Hunt.” Also, there are new weapons in this game that you can’t find in the original one.

So, some of the strategies of playing the original game might work while others won’t. That’s why we will share some pro tips below to help you. Also, try now to grab proven Modern Warfare Hacks to play Remastered like a pro. Afterward, use the tips here to fine-tune your performance.

Tips to Play Like a Master

Watch Some Professionals Playing

Everything starts from learning, then implementing and improving follows. If you want to master this game, watch those who have spent hours defeating the challenges before now. That way, you can learn one or two tricks to implement. Many of these professionals are available online on sites such as YouTube and Twitch. You won’t have to spend a cent to learn from them since they stream content and post on their channels.

Another opportunity to learn is through tournaments. As you watch them battle for the prize, you should open your eyes to notice and note their moves to add your playstyle during personal practice or play with others.

Aiming Precision Is Important

One of the features of Modern Warfare is lots of gunfights. So, you can’t land on the map without preparing to shoot. Sometimes it might start within the first seconds of your landing and never ends until the match ends. So, make sure that you can achieve precise aiming. Of course, this is not always easy. But it takes practice and using the right sensitivity both on the controller or mouse.

When it comes to sensitivity, it is important to find the right level for you. But even if you love the fast-paced actions, wasting your ammo or attracting unnecessary attention is deadly. If you shoot and miss, the chances are that the target will notice and return fire immediately. So, make sure that your sensitivity is at that level where you can control and aim accurately.

High sensitivity is too uncontrollable, especially for beginners. But when you choose a lower one, you’ll be more successful. Also, learn to practice your aiming both at moving and stagnant objects. The more you practice, the better you become.

Always Conceal Yourself More

This is one tip that will save your head in Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer. Remember, the competition is tough, and the enemies are numerous. Therefore, it’s sometimes safer to play the single-player than the multiplayer. But the latter is more exciting and challenging. So, always conceal yourself in the game.

Don’t allow the UAV streaks or Hit Markers that the enemies use to expose your location. That’s why pro players use the cover on the map a lot. If you shoot at a target, use the next second to duck behind a cover. Thankfully there are many natural covers on the game’s map. There are also buildings you can run to when you’re hit.

But no matter how good the cover is, always switch very fast too. If you peep out and shoot, don’t try it again from the same spot. Someone probably a sniper noticed you the first time and is waiting for your head to emerge a second time. So instead of that, switch the spot to another and shoot from there.

Use Sound to Your Advantage

Would you love to notice the enemy’s presence even before seeing them? Then make sure you’re always listening. Some players are usually too noisy to even themselves on the map. Don’t play like that as it might hinder you’re a lot. Instead, make sure you listen to the footsteps of other enemies to identify their positions.

So, we recommend a quality gaming-specific headset that will amplify the noise of the enemies. You can identify where they are coming from or even how close they are to you. With that, you can either stay to fight or fun from unwanted confrontations.

Always Use Tactical Movement

We know that bullets can touch you whether you want it or not. But it’s better to make it harder for the enemies to shoot you. So, be tactical about your movement style. For example, use more side-to-side strafing than jumping from one place to another. Also, don’t ever spend time standing in one location but always be a moving target. Even when you’re shooting at others, be on the move. That’s why we recommend the adequate practice to master your aiming when standing or moving.


You can play like a professional in Modern Warfare Remastered. The only thing is to use the pro hacks and tips we’ve shared above. But remember that it takes time and practice to achieve good mastery of anything. So, put effort and don’t mind the stats as they can discourage you. Instead, learn more, perfect your aiming, tweak your settings, and be a moving target always. Don’t forget to amplify sound with a high-quality headset.