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Top of the Lake Season 3: Renewal, Release Date, and Rumors

How many of you are fans of mystery series? If you are, then you are at the right place! Today we’re going to talk about Top of the Lake. Top of the Lake is a crime mystery series that first aired back in 2013. So it is quite an old TV series. Since then, we have seen only one more season of the show, which was in 2017. But what about Top of the Lake season 3? When does it come out? Has it been renewed? Or is the show canceled05? We will answer all these questions in this article today. So keep reading if your interest is piqued.

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Top of the Lake: About the Show

Top of the Lake
Still from Top of The Lake

Created by Jane Campion and Gerard Leeand, Top of the Lake is a British Crime Mystery show. it is produced by Escapade Pictures and is primarily a British Crime Series. The show creators themselves are quite renowned and are well known in the community. They both have won Academy Awards for their work and are quite the duo, we must say. The series is also a return for Jane Campion to the Television after almost a 2 decade hiatus.

Top of the Lake is a series that follows the disappearances of young girls, and their deaths. The show centers around Detective Robin Griffin, who is an expert on crimes of the sexual nature. Season 1 of the show came out back in March 2013, and was centered around Elizabeth Moss herself. The show followed with a second season 4 years later, titled, “Top of the Lake: China Girl”. Since then, the show has again taken a hiatus it seems. And fans are getting antsy. The show has earned itself quite the fan following, and it shows.

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Top of the Lake: Critics and Audience Reviews

The show has met with generally positive reviews and has some strengths which highlight it among the many other shows in the same genre. The first season of the show was praised for its particularly harrowing atmosphere and phenomenal acting by the cast. The cast was considered the strongest point for the show. The second season, in a similar manner, was very well received, again the credit going to the cast. The atmosphere for the second season was not as grim as the first one but made for a good watch. Since the critical acclaim for the show, there has been a lot of impatience for the third season of the show. Fans are already mad over the fact that the show took 4 years for season 2. And they cannot wait for more.

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But when does Top of the Lake season 3 come out? Let’s find out.

Top of the Lake Season 3: Renewal

Top of the Lake
Will Elizabeth Moss return for Top of the Lake Season 3?

Season 2 of Top of the Lake came out in 2017, after a four year long break. Considering the same fact, we should have had the third season for the show by now, given that it is already past March 2021. However, that is clearly not the case. SundanceTV has been sitting ducks when it comes to Top of the Lake season 3 and we are not happy about it. There has been no official news for season 3 of the show so far and there has been no renewal for the show either. So for the time being there is no confirmation whether there is even going to be a season 3 for Top of the Lake or not.

Tl;dr The show still hasn’t been renewed by SundanceTV, four years after the second season.

This is a cause for worry as it seems that the producers of the show are almost ready to give up on the show. But the audiences are craving more. On the other hand, it could also be that the showrunners haven’t been able to get on with the season 3 due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. That could also be a potential reason. So we do not really have a reason to strike off a season 3 of the show right now.

However, it must be noted that the show has not been cancelled, and that is good news for the fans. The show doesn’t really have a connecting story line between the seasons but the audience loved it so much, it would make sense for the show to make its return.

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Top of the Lake Season 3: Release Date

Top of the Lakes Season 1
Still from Top of the Lake Season 1

Given the fact that the show still hasn’t been renewed for a third season, it is difficult to give out a release date. Even if the show was to be announced today, it would take at least an year for it to hit the screens. Given the COVID pandemic, we would take that figure to around 18 months. So it is really difficult to say when Top of the Lake season 3 is going to come out. However, going by the way the show has released so far, we would say that 2023 seems like a pretty safe bet. Even if the show was to be announced in the upcoming months, early 2023 is the earliest the show can air.

So by all means, it can be safely said that Top of the Lake season 3 would come out earliest in 2023. We know that fans of the show are already impatient and this doesn’t help, but it is just the way it is. This is considering that the show will be renewed. So we would urge fans to take all this information in with a grain of salt.

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Top of the Lake Season 3: Potential Cast and Plot

Top of the Lake Season 3
Top of the Lake has had an amazing casting for the entirety of its run

Given the casting for the first two seasons of the show, it is quite difficult to predict what the cast for the third season is going to be. The first two seasons had quite different stories. And owing to the difference in stories, the cast too was very different. So far, in the show, the cast has been specific to each season. On the contrary, our beloved Detective Robin Griffin will definitely be played by the elegant Elizabeth Moss. The actress has remained constant throughout both seasons and is expected to make a royal return. But anyone else other than Moss is going to be replaced, most likely.

Coming to the plot of the show, it is again very difficult to say what the plot is going to be. This is owing to the fact that the first two seasons of the show had vastly different plots. With each season having its own mystery, it is difficult to say what season 3 has in store for us.

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Top of the Lake: Final Words

Top of the Lake Season 3
Top of the Lake Season 3 must return

With all that being said and done, what is our verdict on the scenario? Well, it’s complicated. While Top of the Lake Season 3 should have been out by now, there is obviously something going on. The show hasn’t been cancelled yet, but there is no news of a renewal either. All of this puts the fans in a really tough spot, and one of uncertainty.

Coming to the show, it is one we would definitely recommend our readers to watch. It really is an entertaining watch and one that really pulls you in. The dark atmosphere of the show is really immersive and surreal, while at the same time conveying the urgency of the situation. As we talked about before, the show has done really good when it comes to the critic reviews, earning a lot of acclaim. Season 1 of the show even earned a rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, so that is really something. So this one is going to be a hard recommendation from our side.

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Top of the Lake: Where to Watch

If you’re interested in the show and haven’t watched it so far, what are you waiting for?!

Go watch it right now. The show is currently streaming on Netflix. Interested viewers can watch the show by clicking the link below:

Watch Top of the Lake on Netflix

The show currently holds a rating of 7.5 on IMDb according to user reviews, and a rating of 8.3 on This is a relatively decent rating and the show is a good one.

Top of the Lake

What are your thoughts on the show? Have you watched the first two seasons? Do you think a third season for the show is likely? Or is it just hubris? How about our review of the show? Do you think the praise is deserved? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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