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Top Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea Regularly


David Mudd

We all have heard of the miraculous Green tea, but we seldom think of the miracles it can do to us. Here is all you need to know about this magical drink!

Cancer Prevention (Green Tea)

From the studies undertaken by the National Cancer Institute, they have concluded that it consists of polyphenols. These help in decreasing the tumor growth.

A keen observation suggests that the countries where the consumption of Green tea is more; the number of people diagnosed with cancer is less. We are not sure if this is due to Green tea or lifestyle, but there is no harm in having a fresh cup of Green tea.

Green Tea

It has been effective in the following cancer treatments: bladder, lung, skin, stomach, breast and ovarian.

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Weight Loss

It can help reduce weight with daily consumption. However, it reduces the weight only by minimal amounts. Hence, it is good to consume it to maintain a normal, healthy and active lifestyle.

Since most of us, put on a little weight here and there, we don’t have to resort to clinical methods and can stick to green tea instead.


It consists of antioxidants; this can help in reduce the signs of ageing and help us avoid wrinkles. Also, if applied topically, it can reduce the damage caused by the sun.

Blood Pressure (Green Tea)

High blood pressure is the pathway to several scary diseases. Regular consumption of  keeps the blood pressure in control and hence reduces the risk of conditions associated with high blood pressure.

Green Tea


It regulates the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol and ensures that it is well below the border level.

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Tooth Decay

Studies show that catechin in tea helps in killing the bacteria that cause throat infection, dental caries and other dental infections.

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