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Top Gun Maverick : Will The Preponement Be A Bad Idea For The Box Office Response

Top Gun: Maverick is an upcoming Tom Cruise action drama film. The movie is directed by Joseph Kosinski and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Top Gun Maverick: Plot

The movie follows the life of Pete Mitchell, who's one of the Navy's top aviators with almost 30 years of experience. He lost his friend in a tragic accident and tried to prove himself. He struggles as a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him.

Joseph Kosinski talking about the movie, made the statement that “The Navy is very different now than it was in 1986. Back then, they hadn't been in any war for 15 or 20 years at that point. Now, here in 2017, the Navy's been at war for 20 years.” Kosinski teasing Tom Cruis and jokingly said that Tom would get to fulfil all his aviation dreams that ha have had.

Top Gun Maverick: Release Date

The movie has had quite a few release dates this year. But finally, the creators seem to have a fixed time.

The movie was initially supposed to release last year on June 12. But the launch was pushed to a year later in June of this year. It was supposed to release on June 26, but Paramount preponed it for two days.

As of now, we'll get to see the movie in the silver screens on June 24, 2020. We hope that Paramount wouldn't further delay the release, and we'll get to see Cruise suited up as Aviator soon.

Top Gun Maverick: An Early Release Will For The Movie Is A Bad Idea For Box Office?

Paramount has decided to go with a launch date of June 24 instead of its original release on June 26. Is this some strategy to do well at the box office or will it backfire for the creators?

A similar incident took place during the release of another Cruise movie. The Knight And Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz was also preponed two days shifting the release date from Friday to Wednesday. The 2020 James Mangold's film did not benefit from the shift of days and hence didn't do so well at the box office.

Top Gun 2

Now doing the same by giving a Wednesday release for the Kosinski directed film could affect the box office numbers a lot, it could either be a tactical move or a significant loss. We'll find out when the comedy-drama hits the theatres on June 24 2020.

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