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Top Gun Maverick: Val Kilmer Open About His Cancer Diagnosis And The Support He Recieved


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The famous Top Gun movie star was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Furthermore, read ahead to what he has got to say about his current condition.

Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick is an upcoming American action film. Joseph Kosinski is the director of the movie. Furthermore, Tom Cruise and David Ellison are the producers of the movies. It is the sequel of the first Top Gun movie released in 1986.

Furthermore, the movie casts celebrities like Tom Cruise, Van Kilmer, Jennifer Connolly, Jon Hamm, Ed Harris and many more. Also, Top Gun: Maverick will release on 24th June 2020 by Paramount Pictures.

Top Gun 2

Van Kilmer

Val Edward Kilmer is an American actor. He was born on 31st December 1959. Furthermore, he is an actor, artist, and musician. Van Edward Kilmer completed his education from Hollywood Professional School.

Moreover, he appeared in films like Top Secret, Real Genius, Top Gun, Willow, Real Genius, Heat, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and many more. Furthermore, he won the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

His nominations include-MTV Movie Award for Best Actor, MTV Movie Award for Best Male, MTV Movie Award for Most Desirable Man, Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor, and many more.

Top Gun 2
Top Gun 2

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Van Kilmer’s Cancer Diagnosis And The Support He Received

He was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015. Van Kilmer was looked after his ex-wife, Cher. Furthermore, she allowed him to move into her apartment post his cancer diagnosis.

Also, it was Cher, who gave the greatest support to Van Kilmer after his cancer diagnosis. The former pair started dating back in the ’80s. One night in 2015, Van Kilmer was not feeling well.

This followed by vomit that was full of blood. Later, he was in a lot of pain and his entire bed had blood stains as a result of his red vomit. Cher called the paramedics right away. Soon he was taken to the hospital.

Top Gun 2

An oxygen mask was put onto him as he had severe difficulty in breathing. Furthermore, the doctors said we might have to remove Van Kilmer’s voice box followed by chemotherapy, tracheotomy, and radiation.

However, with medical, family, and Cher’s care, Van Kilmer started to heal and came home. Ever since he was looked after his ex-wife, Cher. Also, he thanked his ex-wife for being there with him in his tough times.