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Top Food Items To Help Ease Your Period Cramps!


David Mudd

It is absolutely typical to have cravings around this time of the month. But at the same time, we must keep a watch on what we are eating.

While happiness generated from eating scrumptious food can be quite relieving. Consumption of certain food items may increase your period pain.

Dark Chocolate (Food Items)

Who doesn’t love chocolates? We must keep in mind that sugars aren’t beneficial with the pain, and there are instances that they might aggravate the pain more. Dark chocolate comes to rescue here.

Pumpkin Seeds

Mood swings are the worst part of PMS. It is a plethora of depression, a sense of overwhelming attitude, and at times, just anxiety. But don’t worry, pumpkin seeds are precisely the right thing for you.

Food Items

Pumpkin seeds are rich in tryptophan. This is converted into serotonin which helps in uplifting the mood. So ladies, next time, you don’t have to worry about your mood swings!

Ginger (Food Items)

Food Items

Nothing more rejuvenating than a hot cup of fresh ginger tea! Ginger has amazing natural properties and is very strong. Studies have also concluded that the consumption of ginger reduced the cramps to the extent of ibuprofen.

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Green Leafy Vegetables

In addition to curing the horrendous cramps, these leafy vegetables are also known for uplifting the mood. Kale and Spinach are rich in magnesium which is pretty much the anti-cramping mineral.

Salmon (Food Items)

Food Items

Omega-3 has miraculous properties which automatically brings down the period pain. Oily fish is a must on your diet. But in addition to this, you can also include walnuts and flaxseeds.

Items Which Must Make To Your Shopping Cart

Sunflower seeds, avocado, egg, and liver are rich in Vitamin E. If your intake of these items increases during your period, you are less likely to face painful cramps.

For more information and tips on health and lifestyle, stay tuned. We hope our readers are at home and are safe. Happy Reading!

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