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Top Five Best Communication Platforms for All

As you all know that, Slowly and steadily, the world is shifting from SMS and MMS, which once used to be the default medium of texting and interacting with people. It commenced many, many years ago with applications, such as AOL Instant Messenger.

However, over time, it has only evolved further, and today you can find a myriad of options, which work exceedingly well. In the last couple of years, the evolution has certainly leveled up. Consequently, you have a lot more options than you did in the past. But, which is the best communication application?

It is indeed the one that you can convince all your family members to use. There is a good probability that you will be using more than one of these applications. Now, the big question is, which is the best messenger app for you?top five communication platforms

We did our research and have shortlisted some names for you. Let us get started and address them one by one.


Right at the top of the list, we have the Zoom app. It has quickly become one of the most prevalent apps and is today synonymous with virtual meetings and online classes, and indeed for a good reason. The application is pretty easy to use.

If you use the free version of the app, you get a 40-minute time limit. But this timeline is ideal for almost all meetings. Moreover, the free version of the app can conveniently accommodate 100 participants. With its whiteboarding, group chat, and a meeting scheduler built-in, Zoom indeed makes for one of the best tools, which works just as well as in-person collaborations.

‘While working from home, our office connects to us via the Zoom app,’ shares Hannah, an online assignment help Sydney provider.


The next one on our list is the Band app, which is a new chat application for groups. You can create all the groups you want on the application and invite everyone you want to the group with you.

This is the best application for teams and groups, such as workgroups, sports groups, gaming clans, school groups, friends, groups, or anyone who wants to chat in groups. The app helps you organize the groups into different channels, and it works pretty like Slack and Discord. With the app, you can send messages to individuals.

Directly. You can even add calendar events if there is an upcoming group activity. This free-to-use app works well. 


The next best chat application on our list is the Signal app. Not too long ago, you might have heard everyone talking about this app, and that was indeed for all the right reasons.

The Signal is an encrypted chat application, which works exceedingly well. It is the best app for people experiencing privacy concerns on Facebook messenger and other applications.

‘There are more than a few reasons why this is believed to be one of the best chat applications. The Signal is a comprehensive voice call and a messaging solution, which employs end-to-end military-grade encryption. You can use the app to send group messages, voice messages, text, attachments, and other media,’ comments David, an educator who offers do my statistics homework services.

This easy to use strong, the open-source platform has a regularly audited encryption system, making it the perfect choice for people with privacy concerns. What’s more? The app has been widely appreciated by the likes of Edward Snowden, along with many other privacy advocates.


‘Slack is the perfect communication platform for real-time communication with the team. It is the superstar app for remote workers,’ shares Eric, an online chemistry tutor

For using this application, first, you will have to join the team or create a team. After you are in the team, you can enjoy the simple and straightforward interface of the application with some channels.

Channels can be employed for group conversations on several different topics. You can even use the app for creating custom channels. The app can also be employed for private messages for one-on-one or direct communication.

Alternatively, if you want to communicate with just a few co-workers, you can build private channels. The only problem that we see with Slack is that it can be quite distracting and overwhelming with the constant real-time notifications.

So, if that begins to bother you, you can fine-tune the settings.

Microsoft Teams

It is software that works in collaboration with productivity giant Office 365. With Microsoft Teams, you get access to a myriad of features, such as meeting, chat, notes, Office, Planner, extensions, Power BI, and applications.five best communication platforms

The application feels and works quite similar to Slack. On it, you can see persistent threaded chats, which can be both private or open. Microsoft Teams are also integrated with Skype’s video call service. There is also an exciting feature where you can have guests join the chats. For companies that are Microsoft-focussed, this can be the best go-to app.

So, these are the five best communication applications and tools that you can try. Have more to recommend? Let us know in the comment box below.

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