Top Black Bird Cast Members Who Make the Crime Series Even More Exciting!


David Mudd

The Black Bird cast includes renowned Hollywood performers and well-known names. James “Jimmy” Keene’s autobiographical novel In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption serves as the basis for the drama.

The series, which is available to watch on Apple TV+, centers on Jimmy’s time behind bars when he is offered release in exchange for a suspected serial killer’s confession. Followers of real crime have been enjoying the series of the Jimmy Keene tale since the 8 July 2022 debut of the Apple TV+ program Black Bird.

This grim, dark tale—based on actual events—is recounted from within a facility for such criminally insane in which one of the Midwest’s greatest prolific killers is being held alongside a new, inquisitive companion.

Jimmy Keene was a high school football standout, who is the Black bird cast protagonist, his entire life in front of him before being drawn into a drug ring by the mob’s money and glitter. The affluent young guy is sentenced to ten years in prison when a case is made against him.

In exchange for his release, he is moved to a highly secured facility for dangerously insane inmates where he makes friends with a rumored serial killer and learns where the corpses of his victims are hidden.

So, let’s see who are the best Black Bird cast members.

Jimmy Keene

Black Bird cast

Taron Egerton will play the corrupted member of the mafia who needs to work for his release from prison. In addition to playing the lead roles mostly in biopics of Elton John throughout Rocketman as well as Eddie Edwards inside the movie Eddie the Eagle.

He is best recognized for the portrayal of Eggsy throughout the Kingsman action movie series. The Kingsman actor took home the CinemaCon prize of Action Star of the Year for 2018.

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Jimmy, a standout football player from Kankakee Eastridge High School, had a large social circle and a bright future. However, it wasn’t sufficient for a major institution to sign him, resulting in the once-promising football player ultimately turning into a successful drug dealer.

Keene was offered two choices: he could serve out his sentence inside this low-security facility or he could be moved to something like a high-security facility for dangerously insane inmates and work secretly for the FBI.

Larry Hall

Black Bird cast

Performer Paul Walter Hauser had already played a wide range of characters in both films and television. He is well known for playing Horace, the oafish criminal henchman of the stylish antihero, in the Disney movie Cruella from 2021.

Throughout comedies like Super Troopers 2 as well as Reno 911! Hauser frequently plays people he thinks to be idiots, nevertheless, he is no stranger to playing dramatic roles.

Although only one woman’s body has so far been discovered in Black Bird, Larry Hall was believed to have murdered 40 people. Hall adamantly maintains his innocence but admits to having dreams inside which he murders women.

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Authorities worry that if the accused murderer is not found guilty of his murders, he would leave prison as well as carry out more killings despite the suspect’s insistence that they are merely dreams.

Brian Miller

Black Bird cast

Greg Kinnear, who portrayed the unflappable sheriff, began his acting career somewhere at age of 25 by playing modest roles throughout TV movies. The gifted actor worked his way up to leading roles in movies including The Last Song, You’ve Got Mail, and As Good as it Gets.

Inside the 2003 comedy Stuck on You, Kinnear played the wannabe actor Walt, as well as the Abigail Breslin-starring comedy Little Miss Sunshine, Richard Hoover, the ambitious motivational speaker.

Brian Miller oversaw the inquiry of alleged murderer Larry Hall as chief investigator for the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Office.

Miller checks into allegations by young girls who have been followed as well as tormented by Hall driving his tan van plus looks at whether the suspect’s participation in war reenactments may connect him to the scene of the deaths.

Big Jim Keene

Black Bird cast

As the frustrated father who uses his close connections to try to save his son from prison, Ray Liotta assumes the role. During filming the next movie Dangerous Waters, featuring Lady Bird star Odeya Rush, the adored actor passed away around 2022.

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The 67-year-old actor, probably most famous for his breakthrough performance in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, will indeed be remembered for his gritty, smoldering roles and amazing personality.

Jimmy’s imprisonment breaks the former police chief’s heart because he had a dream about watching him play football. Jimmy must work even harder to gain his freedom because Big Jim’s health deteriorates as he tries to release his son.

Jim desired for his son to lead a more fulfilling life with both a family and a steady career. Rather, the esteemed police chief converses with his prodigal son throughout a prison visiting window’s pane.

Trailer of Black Bird!

Let’s see how these characters blend in this crime miniseries through this trailer.


Who is the director of the Black Bird series?

Dennis Lehane is the director of the Black Bird series.

What is the IMBD rating of the miniseries?

The IMBD rating of the miniseries is 8.4/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the episodes of the series?

The estimated runtime of the episodes of the series is 1 hour.


The program has earned rave reviews and is currently rated “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes with a critic approval rating of 98 percent. Additionally popular with mainstream audiences, Black Bird now has a 97 percent rating.