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Top 7 Sci-Fi Horror Movies You Can Watch, Available On Netflix And Amazon Prime

What else beside comedy, romantic, and fantasy? Well, don’t talk about action and adventure!!! Because we will look here about all haunting things, scary places, nerve chill fear, and many more horrible things together. Yeah, gotta know what I’m talking about!!

Today, let’s roam in haunting places, scary houses, and ghostly ghosts!! Let’s talk about the topmost “HORROR” movies ever streaming on “NETFLIX” and “AMAZON PRIME”.

Now, you will scare everywhere, finds scars on walls, you feel ghostly in every place, your heart starts pounding fastly. Horror movies surely give you these feelings. And mostly they stream on famous websites to thrill you more.

Horror Movies

Both the websites Amazon Prime and Netflix are abundant with films, including action, adventure, romantic, animated and Horror too. Let’s go with Netflix’s Sci-Fi Horror movies first:

Top 7 Sci-Fi Horror Movies Streaming On Amazon And Netflix

Event Horizon:(Netflix)

Are you go with horror with a sci-fi twist? Then no doubt to land on  Event Horizon. The film is based on, a 1997 film that takes place in the year 2047. The entire film follows a crew of astronauts sent on a rescue mission. Once they reach the previously missing spaceship, however, they discover mysteries galore, and nightmare-inducing horrors ensue. The film brings a twist in every part and makes your body shiver each time, No doubt it keeps you sleeps less if watched before bed!!!

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A Quiet Place (2018):(Amazon Prime)

Horror Movies

Have you ever seem a creature who kills and eats if heard or sense a human being? Interesting right!! The film features a creature with no eyes, but have a great sense of hearing. If it founds anything then there is no doubt in the killing. Then how a family with women and children save from this haunting creature!! The whole film plot runs behind this only. There are lots of scary and thrill so better to watch in the group!! So, go watch on Amazon.

The Ring:(Netflix) (Horror Movies)

The Movie The Ring came out in 2002, no one will forget it’s the plot. The movie hit the screens and grossed nearly $250 million at the box office. The story follows a journalist who investigates a cursed videotape that kills anyone who watches it within seven days. The entire plot makes nerves shrinking and fills the ghostly atmosphere everywhere. Does Gotta see how the video is? No more wait then, go on to Netflix and watch it.

Amityville Horror (2005):(Amazon Prime)

The remake of 1979 original is Amityville Horror released in 2005. The entire story runs behind the searching of the truth about the dead family of Ronald DeFeo Jr. who murders his family members. Then very next, Lutz’s family moved into that same home and started to experience the same. The film is based on the real incidents happened at eerie Amityville home on Long Island. So, want to go to Ville then first go to the website.

The Evil Dead:(Netflix)

If it comes to the true horror classic, then you must watch The Evil Dead. This 1981 film spots on the story of a group of college students who visit a remote cabin in the woods and subsequently fall prey to demonic possession. Not more than that. The film gave a great hit at the screens and inspired us to have a remake of Evil Dead 2. Do watch it with your friends and imagine yourself in the roles, seriously it is really fun!!

Hereditary (2018):(Amazon Prime)

The film Hereditary is considered as one of the best films in 2018. The movie surely makes you chill and gives many expectations for the plot. The death of Annie’s mother brings lots of tests to the viewers as Annie’s mother always keeps secrets this is very difficult to find an answer for Annie. Then later the movie starts with more and more twists. Get on with not keeping secrets because this film will teach you not to keep many secrets.

Insidious:(Netflix) (Horror Movies)

James Wan’s horror film proves that horror films won’t flop, after the release of Insidious. The film welcomes you to a different land where you will see child ghosts, haunting places, house full ghosts, and many more. The couple Josh and Renai Lambert, along with their sons Dalton and Foster, and infant daughter Cali, have recently moved into a new home. But suddenly one night, Dalton is drawn to the attic and frightened by something in the shadows. And then the next day, he falls into an inexplicable coma. Here where you freaks with twists in the film.

So, that’s all for now, first, go with these films then find time for others.

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