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Top 5 Worst Things Lucifer Has Done On ‘Supernatural’

Lucifer has done some terrible things and here’s a list to name the most brutal ones!

Tried To Kill Gabriel

When Gabriel raided his pity party, Lucifer had asked him to stand out of the way. But Gabriel did not listen to this and attacked him. Retaliating to the attacks, Lucifer struck back and murdered him. He grieved this deeply, but the damage was done.

It was a sigh of relief when he figured that it wasn’t the real Gabriel he had murdered. 

Lucifer Season 5

Tortured Sam In The Cage

Lucifer’s cage was specially designed for him to burn in the darkest part of hell. After he was caged again, he took Sam along with him. The time passed by really slow over there and Sam had to suffer about 120 years of torture before his soul was free again. This sounds so horrifying, brutal and wrong!

Summoned The Four Horsemen

After he was set free, he ordered the four horsemen of the apocalypse to destroy the earth. There were sufferings of famine, wars, a deadly virus, and a zombie outbreak. They were ultimately defeated but at the cost of so many lives.

Lucifer Season 5

Killed Pagan Gods

Pagan Gods tried their best to intervene and save the planet from destruction. Lucifer was alert of their location and arrived in a sophisticated and decent manner. He was courteous and polite towards Hermes, right before he slaughtered Hermes’s neck. He would have also murdered Pagan Gods, but Gabriel stopped him.

Snapped Future Dean’s Neck In Front of Present Dean

Lucifer talks about how he is impressed and happy with God’s earth and his love for the planet is boundless. This conversation takes place just before he kills the 2014 dean in front of the 2009 dean.


He tries to gain sympathy from the dean by telling that he is bestowed to earth, and his objective is to increase love for God on the planet. Dean does not get trapped in these lies and tells him that he’d get Lucifer killed someday.

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