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Top 5 Worst Things Lara Has Done On ‘To All The Boys 2’

To all the boys, two is dotted with so much drama and the decisions made by the characters can leave you stunned. Lara has not made the best of choices when it comes to relationships. Here's a list of the top 5 things Lara has done wrong throughout the movie. 

Almost Kissed John Ambrose

It's snowing and the moment for a perfect kiss. However, breaking up and then making a big move doesn't seem to be too perfect. You are not ready to share this moment with someone so quickly, Lara did the right thing by leaving. 

Broke His Heart

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Lara broke up with Peter, and in a moment, all of his dreams were shattered. We could see him heartbroken, and the sadness was reflected in his eyes. To top it all, she dares to ask Peter if he wanted the necklace back.

Made Promises She Couldn't Keep

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Lara was pretty upset about the fact that Peter was waiting for Gen at the hot-tub. She isn't too positive about it and insists Peter be with Gen and not break her heart. 

Peter desperately tries to tell her that breaking up would leave his heart in bits and they had promised to never do that to each other.

Messing With John Ambrose's Head

To all the boys PS I still love you

She was with John at the retirement home, and they spoke about a lot of things and spent a reasonable amount of time together. But Lara did not consider it to be significant enough to tell him about her alliance with Peter. Even though the conversation about Peter and Gen came up, she was utterly silent about her affair.

Thinking About John Ambrose

To all the boys PS I still love you

After she received the letter from John, she couldn't neglect her feelings towards him. This appears to be very wrong as she was with Peter, but her emotions were inevitable. She had to make an informed decision about who she truly wants. 

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