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Top 5 Worst Things Clara Has Done On ‘Doctor Who’


David Mudd

Clara hasn’t been the perfect person on the series and here’s a list of some of the most pathetic things she has done on the show.

Hurting Danny Pink

A relationship must be balanced and Clara did not pay attention to this fact. She tried being a control freak most of the time and went behind his back to collect information about his childhood. 

In addition to this, when Danny turned into a Cybermen she mocked him by saying that she trusts the doctor alone. This statement hurt Danny recklessly.

Becoming The Doctor

Clara had to come to the rescue when the Doctor was stuck in the TARDIS. She could view the world from his perspective. But she also knew for a fact that she couldn’t save everyone. The negative side of this was lying to innocent people who were afraid of the circumstances.

Gambling With Lunn’s Life

She put people in dangerous situations to save herself; not the best quality of a person. Clara had been haunted by the ghosts who stole her means of communication with the doctor. 

She sent Lunn to get it back. She argued that the ghosts didn’t have anything against him and wouldn’t possibly harm him in any way.

Becoming Reckless

Clara’s friendship with the doctor deepened after Danny passed away. She became more involved in the friendship and started enjoying the dangerous situations a little too much. She stopped caring about her own life and things went overboard when she tried to outfox Death and in the process, died.

Breaking The Doctor’s Trust

After Danny was killed, she called the doctor immediately. She began to threaten the doctor that she will destroy all the TARDIS keys if he couldn’t revive Danny. 

The doctor did not comply with this and Clara took the extreme step. She went ahead and did what she had planned, this was not the best move.