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Top 5 Ways In Which Peter From ‘To All The Boys 2’ Is More Romantic!

Here's a list of incidents that portray Peter as the perfect romantic boyfriend!

You Didn't Like The Snow.

It is such a touching moment when Lara runs out to go to her dear Peter, and she finds him waiting outside. This highlights the fact that they are meant to be together. 

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Peter is not afraid to express his feelings and make confessions to Lara. He is comfortable breaking down in front of Lara. This spirit of true love speaks volumes about Peter.

Let's Never Fight, Okay?

Unlike most boyfriends, Peter is calm after a fight. For instance, after his argument with Lara at the treehouse, he walks behind her and says “Let's never fight, okay?” He knows that these small fights aren't of any significance. A brilliant fact about Peter is his ability to make up, post a row, within no time. 


Peter keeps Lara waiting at the coffee shop, and he instantly apologizes as he enters and decides to take Lara to the Sizzlers. As per Lara, it was all magic and glitter, and we could see the happiness reflecting in her eyes. 

Peter sure does know the way to a girl's heart. The merry rides and cotton candy pictures are genuinely adorable. 

To All The Boys I've Loved Before 2
To All The Boys I've Loved Before 2

Valentine's Day Gift

Peter got a beautiful necklace as Valentine's Day gift. This is not all, and he gave it to her at the exact spot where Lara jumped him the first time in the previous movie. He also read out to her a very soulful and touching poem. Peter is the perfect romantic, isn't he?

The Date

The date was beyond perfect. Peter was polite when he took Lara out on a date, and he added a lot of humour to the date to keep her comfortable. Picked up a bouquet of daisies and took her to the most beautiful restaurant in town, well, isn't that all like a fairy tale? 

He also kissed Lara's hand and dropped her home on time!


To all the boys PS I still love you

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