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Top 5 Thriller Movies Trending On Amazon Prime This Week!

Are you a person who loves to experience chills down their spine? Here is a list of the best thrillers trending on Amazon Prime right now, which are a must-watch!

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Dakota Johnson plays the role of Susie, a talented artist who shows up at a lofty foundation where upsetting happenings start to occur.

After one artist disappears, another meets death, and a third faces life-threatening consequences. The understudies try to unravel secrets about their teachers to stop the wrongdoings.

They decipher a place with a coven of witches with alarming customs that rest upon the artists.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place 2

The film stars Krasinski and his soul mate. They are trying their best to bring their family up in the center of an end-times where the smallest sound may pull in other-common animals’ aim on chasing them down and killing them.

A Vigilante

Olivia Wilde stars right now spine-chiller about a woman named Sadie, who turns into a self-educated vigilante. She does the noble work in helping the community of women to attain freedom from cruelty.

You Were Never Really Here

Joaquin Phoenix plays Joe. He was a former military man who invests most of his power in protecting the wrongs of sex dealing. He’s enrolled to free a Senator’s little girl from a whorehouse. This pushes him into the last resort of a conspiracy that costs him everything.


Toni Collette plays the lead role in this thriller. The movie is one of the best on Amazon Prime at the moment. The film diagrams the anguish and shared injury of the Graham family. Annie is broken when her cryptic mother passes away and she is stressing over her peace of mind and her kids. At the point when her child Peter coincidentally murders his sister, hauntings start happening.

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