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Top 5 Thought-Provoking Documentaries You Need To Watch Right Away!


David Mudd

Documentaries are subjective and a good watch when you want to seek information about a specific topic. At times, a lot of reading can get tedious so resorting to documentaries is a good option since it’s short and crisp.

The Keepers

The documentary is a masterpiece. It is about a nun who is also a catholic teacher. Her name is Cathy Cesnik. The audience would be interested to know the case of her missing. There is a big twist to the missing case as she is found dead later.

Sex, Explained

Sex is an important subject of discussion. The society is not open to discussing sex openly. Janelle Monáe makes this easy and informative to the audience. She is the right match for a sex-education teacher. This documentary gives us insights about history; it also talks about the evolution of sexuality and reproduction.


Mother Nature is beautiful, and it is seldom appreciated. Also, it is a fact that people misuse the vital resources recklessly. This documentary educates us the importance of oceans to maintain the ecological balance. 

Dirty Money

It is very pathetic to watch people trying their level best in climbing up the corporate ladder. Corruption and greed are the byproducts of this. The show is set in America. And soon these two become the most significant things in one’s sphere. 

But can you live this lie forever? How long before your heart, soul and mind finally declines to realise that nothing is permanent. Watch this documentary to find out more!

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

You’d have heard about this football player who transformed into one of the most heinous criminals of all times. 

The documentary covers the crimes he has committed, his soulmate’s perception and support and the football authority. What is your take on this?