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Top 5 Things Which Makes Us Excited To Watch Mulan!

Here’s some insider information about the Disney movie ‘Mulan’ which is going to be released this year!

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The Perfect Actress


Liu Yifei is, no doubt, the best fit for this beautiful movie. She is a brilliant actress and will do justice to the role. The casting directors sure did pick the best. Her body language and voice go well with the character, and this has already made the fans excited about the film.

She has managed to grab the viewers attention through the trailer, and we are curious to see the impact of the audience after watching the film!

Brilliant Animations

The show features a significant number of animations ranging from arrows flying to bucolic backgrounds. It is entirely understandable why the film took so long to come out. The level of technology used is quite sophisticated.

The transformation of the witch into a hawk looks so realistic! It is almost like magic what they’ve done with the power of technology. The fight sequences also appear to be very intense and real.

Unmatched Training Scenes

This is one of the best sneak-peeks of the trailer, which has made us more eager to watch the film. They begin out of sync, but the progress is impeccable as they can coordinate at every step later on.

It is terrifying and thrilling to think about the difficulties Mulan had to witness to get to this juncture in her military career.

When Mulan Lifts The Sword

It is a very crucial moment when we witness Mulan’s father lifting the sword and practising with it in preparation to leave. This incident is of much significance later when Mulan lifts the same sword and has her mind and soul together to move.

She has a plethora of emotions running in her mind and heart, but her determination to bring honour to her family is unparalleled.

Face Painting

This scene is quite at the beginning of the film, where we witness Mulan having her face painted in traditional Chinese fashion. She does so to become the perfect daughter.

It was a very emotional and touching moment which gave us more jitters before watching the film. And we cannot be any less excited to stream this beautiful piece of art.


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